Thursday, April 17, 2008

Darn cervix! and an Earthquake?!?!

Went to the doctor yesterday. Never mind that I waited TWO HOURS. Never mind that the waiting room was excessively hot--which is where I spent one of those hours. Never mind the fact that the nurse asked me if I was sunburned when she took me back b/c I was so hot from the waiting room. Which also means my blood pressure was high. ARGH!!!

But anyway.... My cervix is not doing anything. Still at 1 cm dilated. SO I go back Wednesday morning. If I am NOT doing anything at that time, then I have to be admitted Wednesday night. That kind of puts a damper on our plans for our last family night of just the 3 of us. We were going to go out to dinner and then go play putt-putt and DH and DS were maybe going to do go-karts. SO...if you are a praying person, PLEASE say a prayer that I start dilating by Wednesday so I don't have to be admitted Wednesday night. I was really wanting to tuck DS into bed that night. We do bedtime as a family and that's the last night we'll be able to do it together for a little while.

My doctor took me off of work too. I worked today (3 hours) and got my time in for the week and I am DONE until mid-July! YAY!!! I've got loose ends tied up for the most part. I am sooo happy!! I don't have to wake up to an alarm (well, at least an annoying one) until July! I will gladly wake up to the sound of a baby!

Okay, on to the earthquake... We had an earthquake here this morning! I didn't feel it (I was DEAD asleep!) but DH did. DH mom called at 6 to see if we were okay. They felt it more than we did. But thankfully, no one was injured nor was there any damage. But man, that was weird! Of course it was all over the news.

That's it from me. I'll try to update this weekend and post some pictures. 38 weeks on Sunday!!! YAY!!!


MMalloy said...

I am praying hard over here. A night of dinner and put-put golf sounds like a blast!!!
I am glad that everything was okay with the earthquake.
I will be praying this weekend and checking in first thing on Monday!!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

I can't believe it is only a few short days away! Time sure flies!

I can't believe that you were still working too...

I really hope your cervix opens up just like it is supposed to (but not too much) so that you can tuck ds in on Wed night. Maybe you all should move up that last night to Tuesday tho...jic!


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I hope the baby waits until after Wed! Rest up!

WOOHOO for no work till July!

Steph said...

Okay I'm saying a prayer for you and your cervix - ewwwww.....not sure about that one! LOL

Post some pics - I can't wait to see AND I'm so glad you guys are okay! I heard about the earthquake on the radio - scary!

Swizzlepop said...

I hope things start to happen naturally soon, but just in case can you moce all your Wed. plans to Tuesday so that you still get to make it special for your DS?

I heard about the earthquake, and coming from CA it really seemed like no big deal to me but then I realized that you don't get them out there (it was 6am when I heard abotu it). Good thing no one got hurt.