Friday, July 18, 2008

Da Da Dum....drumroll please!

DOWN 1.7 this morning!!! WOO HOO!!!!

I forgot what the exact number was (183.something) but I am happy to be seeing progress.

Now..I just need to eat better! I'm eating okay, but with 36 points a day, I tend to eat worse things than I should. But...the ice cream that has invaded my house is gone so that's a good thing. And I started back to work this week and next week I will be working my full time schedule, so that should equal some better eating. When I worked on Monday, I was a ROCKSTAR with the eating! I had tons of veggies and water and I was so very good. Tuesday, not so great, but not horrible either. Wednesday was okay. I need to plan better when I'm going to be working and the kids are at home. I hate to buy Lean Cuisine type meals, but that may be what I need for the time being. So I'm hoping to get to the store at some point this weekend and pick up a few to get me through next week.

DH just called me...he ordered us half a cow for our freezer (and the meat is VERY lean) and also half a pig. YAY! We signed up for milk delivery service and that should start soon too. All I need to get at the store will be produce and canned goods once our meat comes in. YAY!!! I'm psyched about all that meat in my freezer. I've learned over the last few weeks that DS1 is a meat and vegetable kinda guy. He doesn't want chicken if it's in Chicken Tetrazinni or Burbon Chicken. He likes it plain. We fight with him every night at dinner for him to eat the main course and he won't. I'm so over it though. He loves pork chops too. We've never given him steak. He LOVES his vegetables, so that's good. I just get so sick of that fight every night at dinner. I can't wait to fire up the grill and throw some steaks on there from our own cow. YAY!!!

I still have some pictures to post so I hope to do that this weekend. Gotta scoot...little one is waking up. :)


Dawn said...

Way to go on the 1.7 pounds. That is a great loss. We always get a half of a beef too. It is the best, most lean meat and you always have it in your freezer when you need it.

Michelle said...

Woo-hoo indeed! You are doing so great!!

MMalloy said...

Hooray, I now I am late but congrats on the loss.
I love having meat in my freezer, it's the one thing I am horrible at stocking up on becuase it is so spendy!

Roni said...

Youa re doing AWESOME!!

Colette said...

Amanda I am so glad we will both be doing core now!! Yeah! You asked me about what I am eating for breakfast and lunch on my blog so here it is!!
Sad to say I really had to think since I do not keep a food diary anymore!! :)
First off here is a link I found VERY useful.
I printed out the whole list because I too was not too sure about what I could have either and honestly I NEVER intended on doing Core, just figured it was too hard! Boy was I wrong!!!
For breakfast I will have something from this list since it's all core:
Eggs- scrambled, fried or in an omlette with mushrooms and veggies
fat free cheddar cheese- in omlettes or in grits
candian bacon- on a sandwich or in omlette
fruit with everything
fiber One cerel with banana's (my favorite)
Fat free Milk
Yogart- fiber one on top
Oatmeal- with FF milk and splenda
Grits- with eggs or fruit
french toast- (2 pts) for 2 slices of wheat bread dipped in egg/milk mixture and fried in pam. Add ff spray butter and FF/sugar free syrup. I make this alot with some fried canadian bacon for a 2 pt breakfast. I just count my french toast since the bacon is core. :)

Lunch: is usually anything left over from the night before. I LOVE those individal servings of frozen veggies, and since I don't buy any lean cuisene or smart ones I make my own. I eat alot of brown rice, chicken or beef with a veggie for lunch.
Rarely I get snacky and if I do I eat fruit mostly like manderin oranges, grapes, cherries, apples and my favorite PINEAPPLE!!!
Honestly since I have been doing core I have been not hungry between meals alot so I make myself eat my fruits and veggies mostly 3 times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I do LOVE a night time snack and 94% FF popcorn is core along with FF/Sugar free instant pudding made with FF milk. When I am craving cookies and milk I eat 2 full planks of (low fat)graham crackers with FF milk for a 2 pt snack.
You do get 35 extra points each week for anything not on core. I use it alot for wheat bread 1pt for 2 pieces, light mayo 1pt for 1 tablespoon and extra's I want like my graham crackers. I just divide the 35 extra points into 7 days and try to only use 5 a day!!!
Sorry so long.. let me know if there is anything you don't understand. I still have questions myself but I have found a couple awesome "Core Bulliton Boards" which have been god sends since I threw out all my Core materials in the beganning!!!
You will love the freedom of Core, I know I do. Just eat til your satisfied. And if you get hungry just reach for a core food for a snack!!