Sunday, January 13, 2008



What does 24 weeks mean? It means VIABILITY! Not that I want my baby to make an entrance any time before 38 weeks, but if he/she would at this point it would have a chance for survival with a lot of challenges and a lot of time in the NICU.

As for me, I am doing fairly well. Went back to the doctor this week. All is well. I need to keep my body hydrated to really help with the migraines. And it has, so that is good. As for the baby, well, I am measuring 3 weeks ahead (meaning as of this past Wednesday I was measuring 26 weeks instead of 23). But the doctor isn't concerned...YET. The baby/uterus hasn't settled down into my pelvis yet and when it does and it's still big, then she'll start thinking seriously about it. I will have an ultrasound between 34 & 36 weeks to help determine the baby's size at that point and we may induce a littler earlier just to make sure I can safely deliver this one vaginally. DS was 8# 15 oz, 22 inches long, so I am accustomed to big babies :) If this one is a little smaller, that's fine...but I still would like at least 8#. I like em bigger and fatter! :) Doc thinks I won't have a problem with that one at all. We talked about an induction on May 1 if I don't go by then and assuming baby is not too big at that point too. DH thinks it will happen on April 28 (DS birthday) naturally. He thinks I'll get up that morning and get in the shower and then my water will break. Then both my babies would be born on April 28.

Have you all seen dazey's blog lately? She's having TWINS!!!!! How awesome is that?!?!

I'm going to have DH take a picture of me today and then I'll get it posted this week. I go back to the doctor in February, then at that point I start going every 2 weeks until 36 weeks...then it's every week. ARGH!!! I told DH this yesterday and he got kinda freaked out about it. He was like--"oh wow, you're that close? Guess we need to get some names narrowed down." We have boy names picked out--Nicholas Matthew (Nic), Elijah Matthew (Eli), and Izaac Jeramia (Zac). I like Izaac b/c then I would have Zac and Xander. :) But no girls name yet. So I guess this must be a boy, right?!?

Thanks for the recipe and freezing ideas. I'm going to try a few things today while the game is on--GO COLTS!!!! I'm outta here. Have a GREAT day! :)


Roni said...

I LOVE Izaac Jeramia. What a great name, and Zac, so CUTE!

MMalloy said...

Okay so it took me two visits to read the entire post becuase I got to the part about Dazey having Twins and I had to read it for myself!!! I am so excited for my blog friends!! Hooray for babies and lots of them!

I'm glad the Doc appointment went well, definelty keep up on that water!! No more trips to the hospital unless your having that baby!

I still think it is a girl, but that's just me, either way it will be precious and beautiful!

No Where to Run ... said...

ooh, very cute names! i love isaac, too! boy names are so cool!

Tina said...

I love the names you picked too! And did you just say "go Colts"!?%#@! :)))

Can't wait to see your preggo pictures! Post soon!

Steph said...

You promised pictures - where are they??? I can't wait to see how cute you look!

I got the green light this morning to start another round of fertility drugs so wish me luck. I hate feeling crappy and having to "do the deed" but it will all be worth it when I can post my own 24 week pics! Hugs to you and I'm sooooooo excited about the countdown to your baby's birthday!

dizzydazey said...

Look! I can finally comment on my dinosaur computer!! Hoo Hoo!! :o)

I can't wait to see pictures, too!

You totally need some girl names - I really think you're having a girl!

Take care of yourself!!

Candace said...

Pictures, pictures everywhere, but none from last week of baby Zac.

Glad all is going well. I like them bigger and healthier, too. Both mine were over 9. AND, they share a birthday, so maybe your DH is right.