Friday, January 4, 2008

So I spent Thursday afternoon in the hospital

Thanks to that wonderful migraine, my doctor sent me to triage to get some fluids and some serious pain meds! I woke up yesterday still with a migraine. The Vicodin I had taken the night before didn't even help. I hadn't slept a full night in almost a week and on top of all of that I was severely dehydrated. I have no idea how I was dehydrated b/c I drink so many fluids...water, OJ, lemonade, diet coke, etc... But I was. It was so bad when the nurse put the needle in my arm, my vein blew and now I have a HUGE bruise bigger than a half dollar on my arm. It's not pretty!! The doctor sent me home with a script from Ambien and orders to NOT work today and to take it easy this weekend. NOT A PROBLEM!!!! DH had to come get me b/c I had driven myself to the doctor and after the high dose pain meds and narcotics, I wasn't allowed to drive. But man I feel tons better. Baby is fine too. None of this affected the baby. The migraines are driven by hormones per my doctor. She also told me to basically keep some caffeine in me at all times. At least one coke a day if not 2 that way the blood vessels in my head are not constricted thus causing a migraine...caffeine helps alleviate that. Who would've thunk?!?!

Oh and I slept better last night than I had in WEEKS!!! Thank you Ambien!!! :) I slept for 11 hours straight.

And this funny story to end with....the nurse in triage was trying to find the baby's heartbeat (it was 130 for those keeping track) and when she stuck the wand on one place of my belly, he/she kicked me right where the wand was. It was hilarious!!!!

I wanted to say thank you to swizzlepop for the wonderful idea of getting another chair to rock the baby in and letting DS have the one he was rocked in. I mentioned it to DH and we just might do it!! I love the idea of him someday rocking his babies in that chair!!!!!

Gotta run...have to go pick up my car from the hospital. The is the one thing that sucks about not having any family here. Oh well. At least DH has a flexible job!!!

Have a great one!!!


MMalloy said...

Geez..sounds like a crazy afternoon. I am glad you got some sleep and that baby and you are doing fine though!!
I like the idea of a second rocker. My grandparents did that for my sister and I. Now we each have a rocking chair from when we were babies!

Tina said...

I empathize COMPLETELY about the migraines. About once every 7 or eight weeks, I take a trip to "don't call this a headache or I may throw up on you" land. I am SO glad that you are feeling better. Wow, I can't believe Vicodin didn't touch it. I took V for the first time last month (really awful menstrual cramps) and I was feeling pretty darn good, until the nausea kicked in. :))

I hope you stay better and have a restful and relaxing weekend!

Courtney said...

I am so sorry to hear about your afternoon, but hope you were able to actually relax this weekend! Migraines are the worst. My cousin was also told to drink caffeine when she was pregnant for the same reason. I think the no caffeine thing is taken a little to the extreme, although I stay away from it myself.

I know people with older kids (3, 4, 5) who have had "I'm and older brother" parties for their kids. They really work hard on celebrating the fact they are going to be the older brother. It's possible that the bigger deal you put on the older brother part, the more personal he may take it. Hope that makes sense. Our DS is going to be 19 mo. when Baby Deux is born...we're still working on what to do for transition!

Hope your weekend was relaxing!

Courtney (formeforlife)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!! I get the evil things, too, from time to time. My doc told me once to get a soda (with caffeine) and eat a little chocolate. Go figure, but it does seem to help. Anyway, glad all is well now!

Steph said...

So it sounds like "SHE" is going to be soccer player - hehe!! Now seriously, take it easy and rest girl! I'm so glad that you are feeling better and I hope that the headaches stay away!

Hugs to you!