Monday, January 21, 2008

Pictures as promised!

I know I'm REALLY late with this, but things around here have been CRAZY!!!!!!!! I'll explain more later, but here is a picture. Taken yesterday b/c, alas, I never got to it last week.

Here's another one b/c DS HAD to be in the picture with me. But isn't this just precious?!?!?!

Okay, onto the craziness....

Last weekend they took our system down for an upgrade at work. Supposed to be up Monday at 6 AM. I get on a little before 7 and there is a note....not gonna be up until NOON! Okay, fine. Noon rolls around (this is Monday remember) and still no system. Finally at 1:30 we get an email--it's down until FURTHER NOTICE. at this point, I've gotten in 2.5 hours of my normally 10.5 hour day. I was TICKED! So I quit at 1:30 and took a nap b/c I had yet another headache. Woke up from that a little after 4, have to go pick up DH car so we go pick up DS and off we go to get the car. We get home, still no email that our system is up. Headache is finally gone (it was a sinus headache, not a migraine--thankfully!) so I go to bed. Up bright and early Tuesday morning--still no system. So at this point, I decide I'm not wasting another day of daycare so I cancel daycare. 830 system comes back. Oh but wait...not for those that work AT HOME! So we have to wait even did not come back up until WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!! So for 2 days, I sat around home (well not really b/c I did do a few things around here) constantly checking email and constantly wondering how in the heck I was going to get my time in that week. It was like I was on call and I am not paid to be on call! So Wednesday I worked 12 hours....Thursday I worked 12 hours and Friday I worked 11.

OH MY GEESH! I was wiped out every day. Saturday I was dragging b/c I was so darn tired. And then I had to work yesterday b/c I am off this Thursday and Friday to spend some quality time with DS. UGH. So when I wasn't checking email those 2 days last week, I was working in the baby's room, no where near the home computer or my laptop. And by the end of the week, I was horizontal on the couch w/in 10 minutes of being done working. It was BAD!

So that's my craziness, but it was a helluva week and I hope we NEVER have to do that again! It sucked so bad!!! So here I am. :) Sorry for the delay in posting but I just couldn't sit down at the computer last week and type out a long post.

Dazey said she thinks I need to come up with some girl names b/c she thinks it's a girl. Believe me, I would LOVE to come up with some girl names. But I got nothin'! Neither does DH. I found out this week that DS thinks a brother is a girl and a sister is a boy.

So, if you ask him--is mommy having a brother or a sister? He says sister.

If you ask him--is mommy having a boy or a girl? He says boy.

So this whole time I've been thinking girl b/c of what he's said and he's got it backwards! So now, all signs point to a boy. :) Oh well, I will be thrilled with either one.

Remember the first tag of 2008 I did? If not, check it out here. I said if I could have dinner with anyone, it would be an ex-friend Tiffany.

You are NEVER going to guess who I had lunch with on Saturday?

Yep--Tiffany. How is that for odd? And eerie?

She called me Friday morning straight out of the blue and asked if we could meet for lunch on Saturday. I said sure. We met, she apologized and said she'd done a lot of growing up in the year and a half and that she missed me as a friend.

I about fell over! I was thrilled to talk to her. We sat there for 2.5 hours at Applebee's! So it looks like an old friendship has blossomed again. We are not the BFFs we were and we may never be--well we won't be b/c I have one BFF and that's superjayman! I can tell superJ anything and everything and vice versa. I USED to have that, for the most part, with Tiffany, but not anymore. But wow. Talk about starting the new year off right!

Okay, I have rambled long enough. I have got to get back to work. I'll try to post again this week. It SEEMS to be calmer, but it's only Monday. :)

Have a great day!


Tina said...

You're freakin' ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing the pics...

And I love reconciliation stories. Made me "aww" inside....

Melanie said...

Those pics are awesome!! I love them...your son is adorable!

Swizzlepop said...

Great pictures! Your DS is too cute both in the picture and his confusion of sister and brother/boy and girl. Hope this week is a better one for you.

Colette said...

Whew...your week makes mine sound like a walk in the park girly!! How do you do it?
I love the pics of you and your DS...sooo cute! pregnacy definately agree's with you!!!You look wonderful!!!

MMalloy said...

DS is so sweet! You look fabulous, I hope to look that good if I ever have kids.
It really did touch me that you and Tiffany talked things through. It gives me hope for one of my lost friendships.
I hope this week is going better for you, have fun with DS on your days off!!!!

Steph said...

You look soooo cute!!! Love love love the pics!

I'm hoping for a girl too!

Bonita said...

You are just glowing! You look great. Love the story of the DS mixing up the brother/sister thing. Glad that you and Tiffany got together. It is a great way to start the year!

Miss July...not...yet said...

Hey!!! Congrats on the PG!!! I don't get on for a while and I see you are knocked up! You are adorable and can't wait to see more pics!

Congrats again