Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year's Eve!! And I hope all of our hopes and dreams can become realities in 2008! Here's to a great year!!!

First of all....MIGRAINES SUCK!!!! It is now 4:00 here in Indy and I have been battling one since 11. NOT fun! Then, I ended up vomiting (sorry if that's TMI) so I quit work and laid down for 3 hours. SO here I sit, eating some lunch and I can still feel that d@mn migraine but now it's at the back of my head, not the front. This is one of those pregnancy things for me. I got them when I was pregnant with DS but they didn't last this long into it. And I've never thrown up with one before. I hope and pray it's not the flu and I don't think it is b/c I don't feel bad otherwise.

Remember how I told you about DH and the big contract? Well, it's been pushed back for now. It's a technicality thing (for lack of a better word). One of the vendors that wasn't chosen in the top 5 questioned about the scoring so they had to pull the RFP and re-do the scoring. It's just a set back for now, but him and his team think they made it before, they'll make the top 5 again. But now it looks like it may be May or June when he has to go out to WA to demo it. That might be interesting for me! Alone with 2 kids!! ACK!!! But he told me not to say anything about it anymore. He thinks I jinxed it b/c we told a few people. He's superstitious that way. But that's fine too. So just say a prayer that he gets in the top 5 again....when the time comes!

The one thing about being pregnant on January new year's resolutions to make! WOO HOO!!!! I would like to be back in the 150s by this time next year, but I can't exactly take those steps now. :)

We got the crib together for the baby's room on New Year's Day and then got all the stuff out of the attic. Holy Crap! There is a lot of stuff that babies require! DS had so much fun helping us get it all out and get stuff together. But he was NOT happy when we took the rocking chair out of his room to put in the baby's room. That made him cry which made me cry. We will probably put it back, we were just trying to see where everything was going to go. But he was heart broken! We decided that before the baby arrives we are going to do something special for him...we just don't know what. Like a DS weekend. We may go to the children's museum then out for cheeseburgers (his one food group he will eat now!) or take him to Chuck E. Cheese (although both DH and I would rather pull our fingernails out with pliers than go there!) or to a movie or ??? I don't know. I have no idea!!! Any ideas out there?? We tried asking him what he wanted to do and that didn't go very well. I may put all the options we can come up with in a hat and let him draw one out. I am sure if he had his way (and me too!) we would take a weekend and go to Disney for a day or 2. That would be the ultimate, I think. But that requires a little bit more money than I am willing to spend.

I made one of Roni's homemade soups last night. It was AWESOME!!! I had never tried lentils but her homemade lentil soup recipe looked so good I had to try it. DH liked it too. DS wouldn't touch it. That's okay....he's going to start eating stuff he doesn't know he's eating b/c I bought Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook over the weekend. Deceptively Delicious looks to be an amazing idea. I went to the store the other day and I am going to try to sneak a few things in on my DS. Lately he has become a picky eater. I don't know why...maybe just the age, but man it's getting old! He loves cooked green beans, carrots, broccoli, and corn on the cob, but he won't venture to anything else. I've tried numerous times to get him to eat sweet potato fries and he wants nothing to do with them. SO I am going to give this puree thing a shot. I'll let you know how it turns out!

I better get off here. DH called and I have to pick up DS b/c he is swamped at work. So I am going to get him while the headache is at a dull point. I will probably take some Vicodin tonight (ok'd by my OB) and then go to bed early. I'll check back later!!! Have a great night!!


Swizzlepop said...

Happy New Year!
Awe :( give back the rocking chair! Poor little guy. Can you buy another one so that they each have their own that they can take with them one day. The husband and I each have the rocking chairs that we were rocked in sitting in our dining room and we each had little ones too so now we have 4. It might seem hoky but it's pretty neat to have the chair that I was rocked in, to one day maybe rock my child in.
Do they have sibling classes at the hospital you are delivering at? I know they have them here and from what I have been told the older sibs really like it and it's a great experience for them and the parents. Maybe you could look into that and met others and get some ideas?
Happy New Year! Can't wait to meet the littl strawgir or boy!

Mandy said...

Poor little guy! It's gotta be hard for him to really understand what's going on. I'm still possessive over my rocking chair, too. In fact, it's the one I'll use with Booger. (even though it's sorta uncomfortable...) :o)

I hope the migraines get better. Jeremy gets them, too, and I just can't imagine how ya'll can function like that. Bless your heart!!

Happy New Year to you, too! :o)

Annette said...

Holiday World is much closer and much cheaper. Happy New Year!