Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kind of an ordinary day...

Apple Pie Oatmeal--4

SBD Monterey Chicken Wrap--4
HUGE Salad–lots of greens, green onions, cherry tomatoes, orange bell pepper and dressing (oil based)--2
Bag of popcorn--4

Schwan’s Chicken with Asian Style Sauce--1
1 1/2 egg rolls--3


So I still have 3 points left for the day. And I am getting ready for bed, so I won’t use them. Helps make up for the 10 FP I am in the whole for the week I guess. I actually didn’t eat the other half of that egg roll b/c I was full. I actually put it down when I was done. Can you believe that? It’s like that switch Roni talked about yesterday. I don’t have that and neither does my husband.

I didn’t get in a walk today so I definitely will tomorrow. My neighbor and I are going to go tomorrow night for sure. I should have went tonight but my shins are still sore from the 6.53 miles I did on Sunday. Tomorrow will hopefully be 3 miles. And I may do Pilates too. I did get in all of my fruits and veggies today and that has been a goal of mine. I have to stick to 0 point veggies and I do fine. I am done working my long days this week so the afternoon munchies shouldn’t be a problem tomrorow. Till tomorrow……

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