Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So I lied last night…

I said I was going to bed after I posted and I wouldn’t eat anything else, but I did. A banana. So I still had one point left over for the day. Not too bad…

I did go out for a walk today 51 minutes or so–3.36 miles. I went with a friend and that made it seem to go by so much faster than it normally goes. We are going to walk again on Saturday. I am going to do 8 miles–hopefully in 2 hours, no more and she is going to join me for the first hour or so, maybe an hour and a half. That will be so nice too!! We are both doing a half marathon on May 5 here in Indianapolis. I will be glad when it’s over. I can handle the training sessions during the week, it’s the long Saturdays that kill me. I mean that will be 2 hours out of my day this coming Saturday. And those weekends are oh so precious!! But after this week, I only have 2 more long training days left. WOO HOO!!! Then starts the tapering. YEAH!!!

So here is how today went….

Apple Pie Oatmeal--4

Salisbury Steak leftovers w/ Asparagus--3

Schwan’s chicken breast fixed on the George Foreman w/ green beans and Lipton whole grain rice side--6
100 cal pak--2
Something else to snack on????


So I still have 4 points left for the day. We are getting ready to do some rearranging of furniture so that may make me hungry once we are done. Plus I earned 3 or 4 APs today too. But I have no intention of eating those. I have WI on Friday morning and I really hope to be back in the 160s. I gained too much when my best friend came to visit. Too much pizza!

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