Monday, March 26, 2007

Today's menu

Roni’s Apple Pie Oatmeal--4

SBD Monterey Chicken Wrap (VERY good)--4
HUGE Salad–only points on it were for the oil based dressing--2
Fruit Ripples--1
slice of leftover pizza from last night--3

Roni’s Salisbury Steak, w/ Lipton whole grain noodle sides and broccoli--7
Schwan’s lite stuffed pretzels--2


About those stuffed pretzels….I fixed them for my son and then he didn’t want them. I only had 7 left so of course I made what was left. THEN, he didn’t want them at all. I ate 3 of them, then threw the rest away. That’s a huge NSV!!! I come from the clean your plate school so to just throw those away was HUGE for me! Then after dinner, we went outside until it got dark. We took a nice long walk (not counting any APs b/c it wasn’t fast). So all in all a good day. I am really striving to get in my fruits and veggies. SO far, I am doing pretty good. I aim for 5 and that’s usually what I get, maybe a l ittle more. I am trying to choose fruit for my snacks (not the case today since I chose pizza, but I still got in all my fruits and veggies).

Roni always says one good day OP leads to another good day OP and that is SO TRUE!!!! Last week I was OP every day and it felt great. So here’s to another great week. Maybe I will hit my goal of 169.9 this week, then time to set another goal. There is a saying in one of the books that I read when my son was a baby that talks about sleep…sleep begets sleep. I think this is true for being OP too. If you are OP, then you want to stay OP more and continue to make good choices b/c you like the results.

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