Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nighttime munchies...

I realized last night that I don’t have a problem with night-time munchies. This is a good thing. Why don’t I have a problem? B/c most people who munch at night watch TV and I don’t (LOVE TiVo!) Once we eat dinner, I am either outside or upstairs–totally away from the kitchen and the temptation. Last night the hubby sat down to watch his TiVo’d episode of 24 (our favorite show!) and I noticed the pantry doors were open on one up my trips up and down the stairs. That’s when I realized, I don’t have this problem anymore. I used to before my son was born. Once he was born, I quit watching TV at night and spent my evenings with him. It’s a good habit I have formed and I like it! So this was a brag, but I really am proud of myself for that.

Yesterday was another good day on plan. I don’t think I got in all my veggies, but I did get in my water and milk. I went 2 points over for the day, but I am not going to sweat it. The hubby brought a steak home to throw on the grill and we split it. It was a huge portion and I didn’t eat very much of it so I have a nice lunch for today. I have been eating too much red meat this week. I hope that doesn’t affect my weigh in this week. I think tonight I will make shrimp for dinner. We’ll see. Today is my last day to work for the week. My son’s birthday is Saturday so I am taking off to get ready for that. I have worked all my hours in 2-12 hour days and 2 shorter days…today being the shortest of all. Thank god…I am tired!!!!!!

I haven’t posted my menu, but I have been keeping track and journaling, I am just too tired and lazy to copy and paste it. These 12 hour days are killing me. I am glad they are done!!! Have a great day!!

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