Friday, April 27, 2007

WI day, cake decorating, and chocolate chip cookies

I was down .9 this morning. YAY!!! BUT….couldn’t my body have given me that extra .1 to make it an even pound?!?! Oh well, maybe it will give up more next week. So that makes my total loss 9.8 and my weight today 165.7. My next mini goal was supposed to be 165. But 165.7 is a little high for me, so I would like to try to lose 1.2 next week to make it nice and even.

This afternoon I am decorating the cake for my son’s party tomorrow. I don’t have a problem eating the icing so that won’t be hard, but I am dreading it. I already have the cookies made for the party. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies…especially the dough right before you add the chocolate chips…that’s my favorite part. BUT I didn’t eat too much of that today. I really didn’t. I’m quite proud. Now, staying out of the fresh baked cookies will be the hardest part. I don’t plan on having but maybe one today, then tomorrow I will have a couple. I can’t believe my baby is going to be 3 tomorrow. Time has gone by soooo fast. It’s unreal. I’m off to decorate. Have a great day!!!

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