Monday, April 23, 2007

What a weekend!

After my 10 mile walk/run on Saturday, I decided I wasn’t going to count points that day. I stayed in check and made pretty smart decisions and with my work out I am sure it all evened out.

Sunday was a snack fest. I was so sore from my walk on Saturday and I had to work. But the hubby and I didn’t have our son this weekend (thank you grandmas!!) so we got a lot done around here and a lot of errands run too. We don’t have any family that live near us, so we do everything without the luxury of having grandma or grandpa close by to watch the little one while we run around or go out for a quiet evening so when we get the chance to be alone, we jump on it. It’s nice and it helps us get a lot accomplished!

Today is back to tracking. I will write everything down and drink all of my water and maybe even get in some milk. Do you realize how hard it is to get in all your milk, veggies, and oil and still have a few points left for something you really want?? If I did that without some 0 point veggies, I wouldn’t have any points left for anything ‘fun’ and by fun I mean decent food choices (like the SBD wraps I like for lunch). It’s hard at only 22 points a day!!! Have a great day everyone. I will be back later on with my menu.

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