Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back at Weight Watchen???

Okay, I am going BACK to a weight watchen blog. For now, until I can get this blog imported over there, here is a link to my new (and hopefully FINAL) blog!


Sorry for all of the confusion and movement but I love the support over there!! :)

UPDATE--I can't make up my mind! I can't get this blog imported over there and others are having trouble as well, so I will stay here for a while until all the kinks are worked out.

Click on the above link to see today's blog...feel free to leave comments here if you want. I will make a decision I promise!!! When I WI tomorrow, I will probably post it in both locations. :)


Colette said...

Welcome back Straw...LOL. Thats ok I am gonna stay here too. I experienced issues right off the bat try to move my stuff too. I think it was a sign...LOL

Dan & Raquel said...

I'm torn too. I'm still here but resigned up over there too. I may just copy and paste for a while. I love the community over there and the page options but I also love the blogger options. So far I've managed to do a few "mirror" posts. I have no idea what I will do in terms of my blog but either way I love that community and will still post there one way or another. I know you can import a wordpress blog into blogger, I just wish you could do the opposite.