Monday, July 9, 2007

Don't worry--I'm staying here!

I've made the decision. My blog is staying put. I imported everything over on weight watchen but it's just easier here. So here I will stay. All my "followers" know where to find me. So you can look for me over there if you want, I think I am going to link my blog to here from there. Did that make sense?!?! HAHAHA!!! LOL!!!

Have a great happy core day everyone! :0)


WeightBGone said...

I am so happy to hear you are staying here because I plan on doing the exact same thing. I feel its much easier to keep in touch here. Have a wonderful week. :)

Jynell said...

Alright, I'm an idiot! I lost you for a while & just assumed you weren't updating at Roni's... but you're here!! Ok, glad I found I've got some catch up reading to do!! :D