Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HE'S HOME!!!!!!!

My brother was released tonight and is resting comfortably AT HOME!! YAHOO!!!!! My mom was so excited and so thrilled. I am too. That is behind us and he can finish his recovery at home. And whoever said he can start talking about another bike--BITE YOUR TONGUE!! HAHA!! LOL!!! If he EVER gets another one, I will kill him myself so the bike doesn't have to.

Today was a great day. Got in some retail therapy and it felt good! I found these pants at Banana Republic that I LOVED...but they were $88. I couldn't justify them b/c I don't go into work every day and I wouldn't wear them just out and about b/c they were too nice. Oh well. Headed to the Gap and got a great pair of their long and lean jeans and a new t-shirt. Need to go to JCPenney's or Kohl's to see what they've got. I still want some new capris. Found DS some stuff for fall at Gap Kids for dirt cheap. I love their clothes for kids b/c they hold up SOOOO well. Can't beat t-shirts for $3 and jeans for $15. His fall wardrobe may be done....probably not though! If I can't shop for me, I shop for him. If we ever have a girl, I will be in BIG trouble. I have told DH this a thousand times. :)

Met DH downtown for dinner tonight. We went to the Weber Grill restaurant. It was soooo good!! I had BBQ Chicken and grilled meatloaf with a dallop of cole slaw and beans (which DH ate the most of) and cornbread. It was AWESOME!! Then...we got dessert. Chocolate Bundt Cake with white chocolate ice cream and hot fudge poured on top. I went a little over today. :) Oh well. I was too happy to even care. I did get in lots of water and lots of walking today. I may be on my own tomorrow night so I may actually get a work out in--GASP! Haven't done that since Sunday. 12 hour days kill me! OR I may go shopping tomorrow night. We'll see. I don't care either way. I am enjoying DS being gone, but I am desperately ready for him to be home! I miss him soo much and it's WAAAAY too quiet around here!

I have to actually go into work tomorrow for a meeting, then it's lunch with a friend at Ruby Tuesday's (salad bar ONLY) then to TJs. Should be a fun day! Until then....Ciao!

P.S. I'm in such a better mood--can you tell?!?!?! :)


Jo said...

Glad to hear he is recovering quickly. What a scare! Don't even feel bad about your dinner because you deserved to not have to worry about anything else for a bit. Sounds like you are doing great - have a good day tomorrow!

MMalloy said...

Your stress has lifted, you can totally tell. You did great today, even if you did splurge on dessert. You held it together and kept yourself focused on not completely blowing the plan out of the window during this super stressful time. I am proud of you for that!
I am so jealous you got to go shopping, I would do anything to go right now. Hopefully once this mold stuff gets finished I will feel comfortable spending money, we'll see!!
You're right, shopping for baby girls is dangerous. I am just an Auntie and sometimes it feels like I might have to take out a second mortgage for her ;)

Courtney said...

Weber Grill is one of my favorite places to eat. I'm so excited there's one in Indy now...I always go to the one in Chicago. You just can't help but to indulge when you are there! Congrats on your brother being home! What a relief!


Steph said...

So glad that your brother is on the mend AT HOME!! That makes things soooo much easier! Glad that you had a good day shopping - nothing like retail therapy to lift your spirits!

As for shopping for a baby girl - hubby and I are only having 1 and I'm hoping and praying and hoping for a girl but it is going to be a bad thing for our finances........she will most defintely be a princess - I'll never be able to quit work!!

Roni said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the long and lean at gap! lol

And you sound like me on the shopping. I love all these clothes and then talk myself out of buying them. lol

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Yeah, I am soooo glad he's back home now!!!!! I will fly back home and help you if he gets back on that bike --ha ha !!!!!

Swizzlepop said...

So glad to hear that your brother is nome and recovering, I hope he's all better soon!

You had a lot to be happy about yesterday so I say just don't count it at all and start fresh today. The one day I did that it totally made me feel refreshed and ready to totally be OP again.

Have a great day and enjoy the salad bar!