Sunday, July 1, 2007

Was I getting checked out??

I was at the gym Thursday night on the elliptical. There were these 2 guys there that were lifting weights and doing the machines. EVERY time I looked up, one of these guys was looking at me. When I got off the elliptical and walked over to get the paper towels and the sanitizer to clean off the machine, again, he was looking at me. Now, these guys were probably in high school--my guess around 17 or so. If they were older, I guess maybe freshmen in college or getting ready to start their senior year. I am 28--COME ON!!! Dh said "Maybe you could teach them a thing or 2." HA!!! I was flattered, and it made me smile.

Working my way there....MILF status here I come!


WeightBGone said...

You should be flattered that he was checking you out. It always does a womans ego a world of good to know we still got it. :) Heck, we work hard for it.

Steph said...

Wow - we are the same age! Isn't it funny how are goals change as we get older - I too aspire to be a MILF!! Girl you have the gusto of an army guy with that elliptical machine - YOU TOTALLY INSPIRE ME!!! God knows I need the motivation so thanks!