Friday, July 20, 2007

Gotta get my act together!

All my hard work on Core is now gone. (Hangs head in shame). I had a 1.5 gain today. So that's 2.9# in 2 weeks. UGH!!! I was so close to my mini goal of 159.9. I am going to get back there. I will. I HOPE to be there by my sister's bridal shower on August 11. If I am not, that's fine, but I want to see it soon!! I would really like to be 155 by her wedding on September 8.

DS is going to be gone this week. We are going to meet my dad and step mom (CeeCee from here on out or CC) tomorrow evening and then we will be kid free for a week. I will miss him like crazy, but I have plans for the week! DH is working a ton of hours so I will basically be alone. I'm kinda excited. I will work out at least 4 days this WW week. I will see a loss on that scale next week and hopefullly a nice loss. It would be GREAT to lose what I've gained, but any loss will be appreciated!

On a lighter note...I wore a size Medium shirt yesterday. I bought it in 2005 for 4th of July (you know those Old Navy flag shirts?) and wore it yesterday. It felt good. I wasn't frumpy and felt pretty darn good! Today I am wearing a pair of capris I haven't worn in a loooong time. They are size 12 but they are a small 12. I didn't have to stuff myself into them either. :O)

I think DS and I are going to go to the zoo today. It will be his choice--to either stay home or go to the zoo. He is a home body so I won't be surprised if he wants to stay home. I don't care either way. We will take a picnic with us to the zoo so today my eating should be right on. I have a plan. I have a plan for the weekend. I am going to succeed this weekend!!!

Have a great weekend and a great OP day!


Candace said...

Just hop back in the saddle. Maybe your body just needed some adjustment time. I'm afraid to go on Core 'cause I know I eat until I'm more than satisfied. Good luck.

dizzydazey said...

I've been going up and down a lot lately, too. It's frustrating, but like Candace said, we just have to jump back in the saddle.

I'm a little nervous about losing weight with the bridesmaid dress - I have to have it altered on Sunday but the wedding is still 6 weeks away. Hopefully I'll lose before then. I might just have to deal with a baggy dress!

Way to plan ahead, and big kudos on fitting into smaller sizes. That's a great NSV!

Have a great weekend!!

MMalloy said...

I LOVE your attitude, it feels good to hear your confidence. You can get back OP and get to your goals and you know it!!!
I am right there with you on making work-out and food plans for the weekend and next week, I will see a loss and SOON!
Take care and thanks for the support :)

Michelle said...

Counting does get old after a while and I don't see anything wrong with trying new things. SB isn't for everyone. A lady here at work swears by it but I prefer counting on WW. :)

WeightBGone said...

You will do great this week because you have such a positive attitude and that will carry you far. Have a wonderful weekend and kudos to you for staying firm on your goals. :)

Tina said...

Ok, I realized I need to make it to my 'friends' blogs FIRST so everyone can echo me.. You WILL do great this week for sure and that's because it starts in your head. I loved what you said about "small 12" because I have pants like that and I know the difference between my 'roomy' ones and the 'hold your breath all day' ones. Congrats on your NSV - and it's NOT MINI (sorry for shouting) - it's awesome.

MtngirlinCali said...

You'll be in the 150's in no time. Until then, you'll have to write about every run you have this week so we can hear how you are doing and keep you accountable!:) Just kidding....but it sounds like this will be a great week to get back on track for you. And it sounds like you need to do some clothes shopping!