Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wearing him down…and Day 6 on core!

Here is today's blog. Again...still trying to figure myself out. I might stay on my own here. I read too much if I am on Roni's site and I am already lost in the blog list over there (not the most updated one, but the active list). I am going to stay here for now....

Another GREAT day on Core! YAY!!!! Tomorrow is WI so I am hoping for some good results. I got in my 5th work out in my WW week so I am proud about that. Here is how yesterday shaped up:

B–cream of wheat made with milk
L–Leftover Turkey Meatloaf, with green beans and hominy; watermelon
S–Bean dip and Triscuits (5!)
D–half of a porterhouse steak, sweet potato, and grilled veggies

So that’s 6 fruits and veggies; 172 ounces of water and one milk. Not too bad. :) I got to the gym last night and did another 33 minutes on the elliptical. I am going to have to bump up the intensity on that b/c it’s getting too easy.

I guess I am going to do core for another week. My old leader always said you need to give core 2 weeks to really see results. Although I think I have decided to “take off” the 4th. We are going to a cook out and I know I can’t just eat core foods there. We are going to our neighbors and they hate vegetables! Who hates vegetables?!?!!? I think it’s kinda funny. I am going to take my own chicken burgers from TJs and a pasta salad (hopefully core!). And I would also like to enjoy a few drinks so I am going to TRY to make the best decisions, but you know what? I will be right back on Core Thursday morning. :)

Last night, DH and I had our usual fight about me working out and taking away “his” time. I work out in the evenings usually b/c I work 10-11 hour days on Mondays and Tuesdays. He expects me to get up at the butt crack of dawn (literally, he’s up at 430!) when he gets up so I can work, and THEN go in the middle of the day to work out. UGH. So last night I said (kind of snarky) if I had an elliptical in the basement, we wouldn’t be having this argument. So he finally told me to pick out 3–he wants 3 to choose from. So we’ll see. I am not going to jump on this right away. I am going to look up consumer reports and all that to get the best deal for my money. I will probably be getting a bonus with work this fall and that’s what I would like to do with the money. So he is wearing down…

My 10 year class reunion is supposed to be next weekend (the 14th). We have only had 6 classmates respond–out of 90!!! And of those 6–4 of us are the ones planning it!!! So we are probably going to cancel it or at least change the location. I am sad about it b/c I was hoping to see people and we have put a LOT of work into this thing. BUT, we have decided that we won’t do it again. We (the 4 of us) won’t plan another reunion. It’s too much work and to have no one appreciate it enough to show up–not worth our time or energy. I will still get to see my 2 closest friends from high school and I am THRILLED about that. I love these 2 girls and we have known each other for a loooong time!!

Have a great OP day everyone!!


MMalloy said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for the 4th, I might have to steal it for my cook out as well ;)
That stinks that the reunion isn't getting a very good response, atleast you can still show off the new you to your BFF!!
Definetly look into the elliptical machine for your home, you will love having it there. Have a great 4th!

Ft Art student... said...

Keep up your good work!!
Sorry about the reunion, that's kinda shocking!

I kinda want to stay on blogger, because I got everything customized the way I like it, but I dont know

BB said...

I have a friend that doesn't like veggies either & I think it's just plain goofy! There's so many to choose from how can you NOT like one? Ha! Sounds like you're doing great on Core. Glad to see you're staying here too. We've got a great group of buddies on here. Happy 4th!

WeightBGone said...

I'm sorry your reunion didnt work out its frustrating after all the hard work you put into it. Have a happy 4th.