Monday, July 23, 2007

I am so tired

I'm trying not to be a downer, b/c I DO have a lot to be thankful for, but I am utterly exhausted. Maybe it's working a 12 hour day--I have another one tomorrow. It's probably a combination of everything that's gone on in the last 30 hours. I'm just drained.

I found out more about my brother's accident tonight. He popped the wheelie and was fine with that, but when he came down, he hit some loose gravel and his front tire went one way while the other went another. He was thrown from it, as high as the telephone pole, came down and hit his chin on the guidewire on the pole while his bike went the other way and and hit a tree stump. Do you even realize how lucky he was?!?!? I think his guardian angels had to have cushioned his fall b/c the boy is skin and bones and didn't break any major bones--only his collar bone! How awesome is that?!?! I don't mean to get all religious on you, but I am a believer and I know someone up above was watching out for him yesterday. I mean, how could they not of as lucky as he has come out of this?? I got to talk to him tonight and told him I was going to kill him when I saw him and he said "bring it". That's my bub!

I HATE that I can't be there. HATE it. My mom wants me to come down, but I think it's more of a I-need-to-see-all-of-my-kids-to-make-sure-they-are-all-okay-since-1-is-lucky-to-be- alive thing. I can't make a decision and I go back and forth. It's hard. But so far I am dealing. I wish DH was more sympathetic. He just keeps saying how stupid my brother is, but that's not what I need to hear right now. MEN!!!

Today was a pretty good day OP. I went over (darn rolls, see below) but I don't feel bad. We ate dinner REALLY early so I had a snack a little bit ago. I probably shouldn't have, but it sounded good and I got in a milk! :)

B--Kashi Go Lean Waffles (3), pineapple (1)--4
L--Creamy Lasagna (5), salad (1), "fried" zucchini (1)--7
D--Logan's Roadhouse--Santa Fe Tilapia (5), grilled veggies (NO BUTTER) (0), house salad (2) and 2 rolls (10)--17
S--Mrs. Freshley's cupcake (3), with a small glass of milk (1)--4


Yes, I went over, but I got in all my Fruits and Veggies, actually 7 to be exact and 128 ounces of water. No exercise today. Will start week 2 of Couch to 5K tomorrow.

I'm off to bed. I know I will sleep b/c I am soo exhausted. If you are a praying person, please keep my brother in your prayers--his name is Matthew. He hasn't been able to keep anything down yet so he still hasn't eaten anything. Until tomorrow! :)


Colette said...

{{{{HUGS}}}} We have been praying for Matthews all along! And yes he did have a guardian angel with him that day...he had to! 0:-)

As for you hubby, just ignore him! In a crisis they feel helpless and definately don't want to appear like a softie so they say macho stuff like that ...its just how men are wired and they can't help they are not right!! LOL...

Candace said...

Will pray for Matthew. Of course he had a guardian angel with him. My nephew has had them trapsing around him since he was a baby and I believe in them whole heartedly.
Take care,

THAT Veggie Girl said...

He'll definetly be in my prayers. I hope he's able to eat soon. It seems like he's in good spirits though. I hope you are well rested this morning!

Courtney said...

I'm so so so sorry about your brother and you're not getting the support you necessarily need from DH. We are all thinking about you...and great job continuing to think about eating well. In times like this, it can be really tough!

Journeys said...

I'm here and I'm praying!! I'm sure he will come through this just fine...I believe in those guardian angels wholeheartedly :)

BB said...

Lots of prayers coming your way. Hope you get some much needed rest. Stress can make you exhausted. take care