Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm injured!

Yep, now I am injured. Fell tonight outside. We have a small castle rock rock wall in front of our house. It's not huge and it's PERFECT to sit on and talk to someone if they are walking by or whatever. Anyway...I was trying to go UP the wall--it's not tall by any means and somehow I tripped. I came thisclose to breaking my ankle I think but instead I banged up my wrist pretty good on the castle rocks. It's all scraped and bloody and red--gross. My knee is also bummed. Scraped and bruised-I already feel a knot. UGH. I told my mom that was my injury/harm for the week all that is left is my baby sister Micah. My mom said "Don't say that!" b/c she is away at church camp for the week and will be driving home late tomorrow night. So I'll be sure to say a prayer for her tomorrow! I don't want to put my mom through any more than she's already been through.

My brother is a complete and total idiot--or a DA as DH calls him. DA stands for dumb a$$. That's what we say now instead of the real thing b/c of DS. brother was gone today--that's right--out of bed running around like nothing was wrong with him. UGH!!! My mom is just a wreck. He's not out of the woods yet...just yesterday morning he had to have help walking and today he thinks he's fine. WTF?!?!?!? IDIOT!!! He is so dumb and has 0, I mean Z-E-R-O common sense! Come on!! Right now he is at his girlfriend's house (well her mom's) while the GF is at work. She took him to Wal-Mart earlier and then they went to Burger King. I don't know about him...not sure what to do with him. I just want to strangle him for putting my mom through so much hell this week. My dad called him this evening and ripped him a new one and told him to get his butt home first thing in the morning. He said he would so we'll see. IF this is what having a grown boy is like, I don't want another one! I want my sweet, cuddly DS to stay 3 (well maybe 4 b/c 3 SUCKS) forever. UGH.

Today was not the best day OP. I HAVE to get my act together. UGH. I'm just so unmotivated right now. DH wants to get back OP so if he does that would help, but not much. My trouble time is the afternoon...I should take a nap every afternoon to curb that problem, but I have to work :( We went out for dinner again tonight--our last night without DS and DH requested we eat at home tomorrow night b/c he is sick of going out. I am too, but I have enjoyed not cooking. But I am ready to start cooking again. :) We are having company this weekend and I plan to make a few healthy low point foods and they'll never know...hehehehe!!! :)

I get DS back tomorrow and I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! I miss him like crazy and can't stand how quiet this house has been. It's been driving me nuts! I'm ready for his craziness to be here again. :)

I'm off to bed. Have a great night everyone, a great OP Friday, and a wonderful weekend!!!


MtngirlinCali said...

Hey Amanda....glad your brother is home and on the road to recovery! As for your triathlon clothing question, people wear anything. Yesterday, I had on a swimsuit with triathlon shorts on top, and I swam in that. There are triathlon body suits and short/tank top/bra top options as well that you can swim in and that will dry while you are out on your bike. My shorts have a little padding for the bike-- am hoping they dry better in the race than they did during my run. But my first race was run in a swimsuit, and I layered a pair of soccer shorts and a cotton t-shirt on top of that and managed just fine. ;)

Swizzlepop said...

Oh no :(. Take it easy and I hope your ankle, knee and wrist are better tomorrow. Have a great last alone dinner with the hubby. Be careful and have a great weekend!

Colette said...

awwwww girl I hope your ok soon.

I will continue to pray for your brother....THAT YOU DON'T KILL HIM!!! LMAO......

I know what ya mean about missing your children, mine go to there dads and I am lost like a puppy and can't wait for them to come home again. I can't imagine them being gone for good when they are grown???? I just can't see it!!

Melanie said...

Hope that ankle is feeling better today and that your DS lets you take it easy.

Glad to hear that your brother is out...but it doesn't sound like he hit is head hard enough!! ;-) I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Colette said...

Amanda_ Here is a Barbie I think would suit you fine...Very beautiful and CLASSY!!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Hope you heal up soon! Glad your bro is doing well enough for you to kill him now! LOL


dizzydazey said...

Whoa! So much has happend since I've been MIA!

I hope you're feeling better - I'm glad you don't think that anything is broken. I'm sure those scrapes hurt bad enough. {{HUGS!}}

I'm soo glad to hear that your brother is up and running again - maybe he'll settle down and stop giving your mom such fits.

I hope you have a great weekend!

MMalloy said...

Girl...take care of yourself, no more injuries before the 5K!
Sounds like DS vacation was the perfect length, have fun with him and take it easy!
Have a good week, I will be checking in if I can get to a computer!

WeightBGone said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great weekend. :)