Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How much of a difference?

How much of a difference does 12# make??

Apparently, a LOT. I truly didn't think it would. But man was I wrong. I mean, my undies are too big! ALL of my work out shirts are too big. If I had thought it would, I would have started back on the WW path a lot sooner than I did. I am glad I did, but I am kicking myself for wasting the first 2 months of the year on something else and making excuses.

But that's in the past and here I am today, 12# lighter and I feel so much better. I am trying my hardest to make exercise a priority. That is my biggest downfall. I can eat right and I can drink water, but for the life of me I have to fight myself tooth and nail to force myself to exercise. Even though I feel GREAT afterwards, it sucks getting there. But thanks to all of my wonderful bloggin' buddies, I am doing it. I will do that 5K on September 15 and I will run the majority of it. :) Thank you ALL! Now, when is everyone else's 5K??

Today was not that great. I had a hankering for chocolate this afternoon and ate 2 (yes TWO!!) of DS Go-Tarts Pop Tarts. But I paid for it this evening. My tum tum did not like me at dinnertime. When will I learn?? I am deathly afraid to get on that scale Friday morning. But I will. I will put on my big girl panties (VS at that!) and move on. I haven't been 100% perfect this week, but it's a heck of a lot better than last week.

You know how a lot of us are/have been struggling to stay OP? For me, I have been "off" this past week (well actually it was 5 days) and I feel better. I feel like I am not tired of this anymore. I feel like I can be in control again. I feel like I can do this again. My motivation or first time umph is back. Maybe not 100%, but it's a heck of a lot better than it was this time last week. I care now. I didn't care last week. I tried so hard to care and it was HARD. Tomorrow will be a very good OP day. Tomorrow, I will stay within my points, choose fruit over the other stuff, and drink water, and I will work out tomorrow night with workout 2 of the C25K program.

Even though I don't want to post it, here is my menu for today:

B--English muffin (1), turkey bacon (2), banana (2)--5
L--Pigs in a blanket (6), corn on the cob (1)--7
S--OUCH!!! 2 Pop Tart Go Tarts(6), 2 small pieces of chocolate (3)--9
D--Beef Taco Skillet (6), refried beans (2)--8
96 ounces of water (so far, still drinking, should be 128 or more by the end of the night); only 2 servings of fruits/veggies. That's bad. Will do better tomorrow!!
Points wise it wasn't as bad as I had thought. I can breathe a sigh of relief for that.

I better get back to work. Have a good night and a great OP Thursday!!


THAT Veggie Girl said...

Isn't the difference amazing? Congrats on the NSVs!

As far as the being 100% perfect all the time, this is how I think of it...if we don't have anything to strive for then it wouldn't be a way to live (eating more veggies tomorrow, exercising a few more minutes each day, etc.). When I don't set new goals then it starts to get easy and I tend to get lazy with it and that's when it doesn't work. If I keep my eyes on the goals it will work!

Tomorrow WILL be a good day :) and I hope that you have a very good OP day!!!

(BLET stands for Basic Law Enforcement Training)

melissious said...

Wow, 12 pounds, that's awesome! I want to be at 12 pounds tomorrow. I'm at 3.6. :) It's my first week back, though, so I'm on my way!
Same thing happened with my 10 year class reunion. It fell through. I hate that! Nobody could agree on where to do it, etc. And we only had 13 people in our graduating class!

Melanie said...

12# is amazing. Check out all those NSV's! YAHOOO!!!!!!

dizzydazey said...

You're doing awesome!! Go You!!

I was feeling like I wanted to quit last week, too. But after doing three days of SB, I'm glad to be back to WW! :o)

Enjoy your run - I'm so proud of you!!

MMalloy said...

I have been having the chocolate cravings as well! I drank 120 oz. of water yesterday!! I had to get up twice last night and I almost wet myself trying to get home in time to go :)
Glad to hear you are feeling the excitement again, sometimes it just takes a week or two off!

Ft Art student... said...

You look great from your pics, and 12 is a lot to lose. That is a good feeling to know that smaller clothes are beginning to fit! Good job!

Michelle said...

That is too cool about nothing fitting. The scale may show a loss but it doesn't really feel like one until your clothes don't fit. Congrats!

dizzydazey said...

My dress is going to have to be altered, too. Unfortunately, it's all going to be in the top part of the halter and not around the waist. I've lost my chest and not my tum!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

LOVE that you are doing so great!!

WeightBGone said...

12lbs down is fantastic you should be very proud of yourself. Great job!!