Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm Mommied OUT!

I am sooooooo ready for my DH to be home! I have to bow down to single moms who do this day in and day out all on their own (Collette, AJ and any others out there, you are all saints!). I guess it would be different if we had some family here local to us to help me out when the husband is gone, but man I will be glad when he's home. I love my son dearly, but tonight he did not stop at all. UGH. And with this heat, he's making me crazy!!! Sorry for the little least I'm honest! Oh and the hubby informs me tonight he may have to go back in 2 weeks. AAAAHHHH!!!

I do have to hand it to my DS though.....I gave him a choice for dinner tonight. We were out and about (AGAIN!) so I said cheeseburgers (meaning Wendy's), chicken (Chic-fil-a), sammiches (Subway), or peanut butter and jelly (Panera). He chose SUBWAY!!! WOO HOO!! I was thrilled! So I was able to stay at my points AND get in fruits and veggies. I love that kid!

My workout today was a Pilates session. I know that wasn't part of my original plan for the week with my exercise, but that session kicked my butt! I was totally wiped out afterwards. Melted...that's how I felt. I am going to TRY to do 10 sessions of that in the next month.

My sister's wedding is a month from today. I got on the scales this morning and it said 165.4. I am going to try my hardest to get to 159.9 by then. It's a lofty goal for me, but I think it can be achieved if I keep my focus, follow program, AND exercise. Obviously, I will take anything lower than were I am now, but I think that's a nice round number to aim for. I am also hoping the pilates sessions will help me out. I would like to do more than 10, but I need to be realistic too.

I do believe I met all of my goals today. Let's see:

1) 3 days of exercise this week-check--Pilates
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend--check
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day--check
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--check--I quit counting at 144 ounces

B--cream of wheat made with milk--4
L--Turkey Pot Pie--5, salad--1 = 6
S--Banana--1 (small banana)
D--Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki w/ cheese--8, apples (0), Sun Chips (4)
S--DQ small ice cream cone--4
Total--27--goal of 25, 2 APs earned/used

There is one good thing about this heat...I have no problem getting in water. I don't even work outside! I feel for those who dad is one of them and I always worry about him.

Someone asked if I was making the dips for the fruit and veggie trays for my sister's I am not. They are being made by someone else. I guess I could make my own, but then I would be the only one eating it. I guess that wouldn't be a big deal. I may do that. I think I am going to eat before the shower and then pray I am too busy to indulge too much. We always go out to eat with my mom on Friday night when we get there. There is an Applebee's close by. It's not my favorite, but I can be 100% OP there and not feel guilty about what I eat. Subway will be lunch on Friday so Friday should NOT be a problem. If I can make it through the shower, then the rest of the time should be a breeze. I need to stay out of my mom's kitchen, but it's hard since that's where everyone always gathers.'s so hard when NO ONE else in the family watches what they eat and they all think I have to have special "diet" food.

I am out of here. My goal of going to bed early this week is NOT happening. Oh well. Maybe next week. It will be so much easier when it's fall and it't not daylight at 9. Have a great night and a wonderful OP day tomorrow!! :)


Colette said...

Aww.. thanks for the compliment Amanda! I do truely appreiate it. Soem nights I go to bed and wonder how I do it too...LOL
But I have been a single parent since my son was 5 yo and my daughter was 6 MONTHS old...and it was by my choice! Crazy huh? Oh well I have this belief that when your married 13 years your suppose to keep your PECKER in your pants...LOL So I kicked him to the curb! hehe...
Don't ask me how but I went from just me and my daughter going to the water park tomorrow to 5 total!! My son + his 2 friends and my daughter + her 1 friend =5 KIDS yikessssss!! Think I will email Diet Coke for pointers...LOL
Actually 5 kids are easier to handle than just my 2!! Crazy huh!! Oh well it will be fun I am sure!!
Good job on the diet and making the right choices. Its hard I know. I took the kids to the mall tonight to buy school shoesand we ate there. I did well, had chick filet grill sandwich..a few fries...unsweet tea and a pretzel from Auntie Ann's!! Yummy and I still had 2 points to spare!!
BIG Kudo's to you for chugging that water. I swear that is my biggest pitfall. I HATE I drink tons of Crystal Light!
Keep up all the good work and you will make that goal before the wedding no problem!! Your really doing wonderful!! Keep it up skinny minnie!!

MMalloy said...

You are rocking your goals! I need you to send me some of that dedication. I agree, I think pilates can do a lot for your figure. Even if you don't see the pounds fall off I think it tones and shapes key areas. Keep it up and your hubby won't want to leave for another business trip!!
I hope DS takes it easy on you today, well atleast untill DH gets home.

dizzydazey said...

Being a single mom, even for a week, must be hard. Big Props to all of you moms out there!

I can't believe the weddings are less than a month away!! I would love to be down a few pounds before then, too! Good Luck to both of us, huh?

Have a Great Day!