Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tomorrow is tube day!

Tomorrow (Friday) is my surgery. YAY! I'll be glad to have it over with and be glad when my ear stops popping constantly!

Today was not the best day in points. Dinner tonight was a carb fest. I don't think I got in all my fruits and veggies. I can eat until midnight but right now I am about to drop. I think I earned some APs tonight....

DS has a swingset and we have enclosed around the swing set with 2x4's and then filled it in with rubber mulch. DS also has a little inflatable pool. Well it is going to be hotter than Haiti here this weekend so I want him to be able to play in his pool. Last time we had the pool up the kids complained b/c the rubber mulch UNDER the pool hurt their feet while they were in the pool. SO...being the good mother that I am, tonight I went out there and raked all the mulch up that would be under the pool. I raked and I shoveled and I swept so the area would be perfectly smooth. OH MY GOSH I was sweating...sweating buckets!!! THEN, I cleaned the pool inside and out and on the bottom..yes I'm a little A.R. but hey. SO that took me over an hour and I am pooped b/c of it!! I have done nothing but run around since dinner. B/c of my surgery tomorrow I have been trying to get everything done...made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, swept the kitchen, chatted with the neighbor for a few, did the swing set, showers for everyone, laundry and then straightened up the WHOLE house. WHEW!!!

AND...I'm pulling a total dive Barbie here...there is a cricket in our garage...and I can hear it in my bedroom that is UPSTAIRS!!! So as to NOT interrupt my beauty sleep tonight I may sleep in the guest room. Ken is about to be kicked out for not getting rid of the cricket. I hate crickets. HATE THEM!!! URGH!!!!!! He better find that damn cricket and kill it before he leave on his business trip on Sunday. Or I will be one ticked off Barbie!!!

I have been watching the news and all the coverage on the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Our own MMalloy of Get my Point! lives in that area. She's on vacation this week but I will feel so much better once we hear from her!! I've been praying for all those people. How so very sad!!! There is a reason I don't like bridges and this just confirms it!! DH and I went to Michigan in 2003 to Mackinaw Island (sp??) and there is a suspension bridge there. OH man that killed me to go over!! And we went over it quite a few times b/c DH loved it. He didn't care that it terrified me!

That's it for me. I better get to bed. Have to leave the house at 0630 sharp to deal with rush hour traffic AND get DS up. Will post when I am coherent tomorrow to let you know how it went. Later taters!


Colette said...

Good luck with the will do great!!!

dizzydazey said...

I'll be thinking about you today as you're in surgery!

Take Care & Have a Great Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I know you've already left, but wanted to wish you well! Let us know how it went when you feel up to it!

MMalloy said...

You are the sweetest. It is a tragedy what happened and still doesn't seem real to any of us. I am so glad to be back!