Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm still here!

I'm just tired and swamped. Working 12 hour days and taking a group of about 10 three year olds to the zoo has worn me out!

HOWEVER...I have been meeting all of my goals for the week and the scale is moving downward. :) Let's review those goals, shall we? They were:

#1--Back to meetings on Monday for sure.
#2-- all dinner meals are planned for the week with their sides so I am going to plan my lunch around that and my afternoon snacks since that is my hardest time
#3--WATER and lots of it--at least 120 ounces a day, hopefully more
#4--back to lots of fruits and veggies--I have no excuse as my garden is overflowing with veggies. Minimum 5 per day.

I did make it back to my meeting Monday night. I was a pound higher than what I was the last time I was there (in December), BUT I had jeans on and shoes, so I was probably actually less. Their dumb metal box is a whole 3# higher than mine, so I will continue to weigh on my scale every Friday for my "official" weigh in. Maybe I will be more accountable through the weekend with going back to a Monday weigh in. I hope so! The scale this morning was down over 3# from what it was last Friday when I weighed late that morning. Whew!! Back down to 161 here I come. I just want to see 159.9.

Our dinner plans got screwed with b/c I am utterly exhausted from working so much, DH is working 36 hours a day (so you get my point here??) and my house is suffering. So we got pizza tonight from Papa Murphy's. I ate too much, but I have been right on my target every day this week so I'm not worried. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow morning. Tomorrow nights dinner is planned (I think, I have 2 choices) as is Friday nights. YAY!!

I have gotten in loads of water too, so I can "check" that one off. :)

Fruits and veggies have not been a problem either. I've had AT LEAST 5 every day, the other day I got 9! WOO HOO!!

Tomorrow, DS and I are going to McDonald's as I am DYING to try that salad everyone is raving about. I hope they still have it at mine!

My surgery is Friday morning. I have to be there at 0730. Which means we have to leave here no later than 0630. Yeah, that ought to be a fun morning with DS. We will probably be back home by 10. I will have my surgery within the hour of getting there and be out shortly after that. I can't wait to come home and take a nap. That's the only thing I am looking forward to!! I can't drive that day so that should be interesting...I hate having to depend on DH!

There's a lot going on in my head that I want to write about but I am too tired and some of it wouldn't make sense to any of you!

Please pray for Suzanne. I follow her blog pretty religiously and I have for a while. She is pregnant with quads and has been on hospital bedrest for a few weeks now. Today she started having contractions and they couldn't stop them so they did a C-section. She was at 30 weeks which is a HUGE milestone for quads and all the babies had good weights on the sonogram last week. She hasn't updated since she was being taken down for the C (I don't expect her to anyway...probably a little groggy from the meds and a little overwhelmed!). I stumbled upon her blog through another blog and have been hooked ever since.

I think I have an addiction to blog reading. I could sit for HOURS and read blogs! I LOVE it! And then when I find a new one, I have to start reading about them from the beginning. It's insane!!! That's why the weight watchen blog site is bad for me b/c I can literally sit there all day and read and not get a thing accomplished.

On that note, I am off to bed. Check out the recipes I posted below. They were all winners in my house. Toodles... :)


BB said...

Darn! I'm having trouble with my computer. I just wanted to say that prayers will be said for you too for your surgery. Quads huh? That is a lot plus the C-section isn't easy. Prayers all the way around :) PS Sounds like you're doing great on your plan-good for you!

kat said...

another blog to read!!! i'm like you - i get caught up in blogs and can't leave them...even if i don't know the person! and i'll read them from the beginning, too! i started reading suzanne's from the beginning of her pregnancy, and had to stop b/c i have work to do!!! he he he