Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hubby is home!!!

YAY!!! DS went running to him when he pulled in the garage. We were sitting outside waiting for him. DS was soooo glad to see him. DH had the biggest smile on his face when he seen us. I'm so glad he's home. It's been a loooong week without him here! :)

Okay on to today...I have a lot to report...tales from the scales, NSVs, and my goals.

Tales from the scales....this mornings weight on the scale was 163.5. That's down 2# from yesterday mornings weight. So here's my question...2# of what?!?!?! This past Saturday, it said 170.5. Granted that was AFTER my surgery, but still. 7# in less than a week. I have never been an every day weigher, but I am starting to see the advantages of it. It can also work against you. For me, when I saw 161, it was like "oh wow, I can eat whatever I want and not count points." But then today I was like, oh wow, I wonder what it will say tomorrow after another day of good healthy eating. See, that's working for me there. :) I am also hoping it will stick with me going into the weekend. If I can keep it up, I know I can make my goal of 159 by my sister's wedding. YIPPEE!!!

NSV...I had to take my dress for sister's wedding in to get it altered. There was a huge bowl of candy sitting out on the table. Back in the day, I would have grabbed a piece or two and not counted it b/c it was so small it didn't matter. Not today. DS grabbed 2 pieces and I left there with NOTHING!!! This is HUGE b/c that stuff is my weakness. Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Snickers--yum! But I didn't even have a taste. WOO HOO!!!

Today's goals...I met them all except for the exercise but I already have in 2 days this week.

1) 3 days of exercise this week--none today, but I've already gotten in 2
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend--check
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day--check
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--check--I quit counting at 144 ounces again

B--Froot Loops Cereal--3
L--Turkey Pot Pie (5), green beans (0)
S--Strawberry Shortcake--4
D--Chicken Fries (3), Quick Fries (5), Broccoli & Chz (4)

Total of 24 out of 25. Not too shabby. :) I'm happy with that and I know I made the best decisions I could today. It's been really easy this week since DH has been out of town. I am curious what the scale will say tomorrow since I had the Chicken Fries and the French Fries for dinner. I like seeing how my body is reacting to certain foods. It's very interesting.

DS and I are leaving tomorrow morning for the trip to my mom's. I have a plan and as long as I can stick to it, I should be okay. OH...and I still have ALL of my flex points. I don't intend to use them all, but they are there in case I need them. I do intend to have a piece of cake at my sister's shower and some of my mom's chicken salad. But I also plan to take my own breakfast and I am going to take some of my english muffins so I can make myself a chicken salad sandwich on something healthy instead of white bread!!

Finally, I am going to get to bed early. DH is exhausted and is already passed out. Figures the night he gets home I get to bed early. Oh well. At least I made it one night this week!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful OP weekend! I'll be back on Sunday with a report on the shower. :)


Melanie said...

You are amazing!!! You are hitting those goals like mad!! And those NSV's YEAH!!! I am so proud of you!! Have a great time at the shower. ;-)

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Sounds like you have your "weekend plan"--Now just stick with it. Less than 4 weeks til the wedding and your goal!!!! You can do this, just as I can make it into the 160's and stay there by the time I fly home.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Glad your cute hubby is home! NOW it's time for you to take a break!!! As for the scale, I am an every day stark naked in the morning weigher. I have found that it helps to keep me on track... although it fluctuates a little from day to day, I can get a general idea of how I'm doing and slap myself back into line if I need to... Sometimes it's hard though, because I have a good day and a little gain the next day, but I've just learned to take it in stride because within a day or two, it's usually back down!!

MMalloy said...

Your blog today just made me smile. I am so happy to see how well you are sticking to your goals and it makes me want to do the same! I go back and forth on daily WIs but I agree it does tell you a lot about how your body reacts to certain foods and work-outs.
Have fun at the shower, I hope everything goes as planned! I will be waiting to hear from you on Sunday!

dizzydazey said...

Yay! I'm glad the hub is home! I hate that you have to leave him to go to your mom's, but I know you'll enjoy spending time with your family.

Big Huge Kudos for those SV's & NSV's! *resisting the urge to tout the benefits of daily WI's* :oP!

I betcha reach your goal before your sister's wedding - if not before!

Have a great weekend!!

NCChris said...

AWESOME!!! You are doing great! What kind of chicken fries? Burger King or frozen? Just wondering b/c it was only 3 pts and I love those things!!

Steph said...

Have a great time this weekend and there is NO doubt that you will hit your goal for your sisters wedding!! Way to go on the candy too.......that is awesome and you should be so proud of yourself!! Having a plan and working it is what life is all about - keep it up and fill us in on the details of the shower when you get home!

Swizzlepop said...

Glad your hubby is home! I'd be curious to see how your body reacts to the chicken fries (YUM) and fries too. Daily weighing can have it's advantages. Enjoy the shower and it sounds like you have a plan so you'll be fine.

Great job on keeping uo with the goals. Do you find that by posting them and the status daily helps? I may need to do the same to keep me more accountable.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Calyn said...

Glad you are doing so great...can I ask what kind of pot pie you are having? Is it homemade and a piece or something you are buying at the store? I have been craving pot pie but all the ones I have found at the store are VERY high in points!

WeightBGone said...

Have a great time at the shower. You are doing fantastic on your weight loss keep up the good work.