Friday, August 31, 2007

This has been a crazy week!

Ok, I know I promised this last night, but I worked and as of this week I can't get on the computer as much when I work that I used to. So, my blogging may be hit or miss for a little while. Things should iron out soon, but that's why I've been MIA. Work has to come before blogging. Once I am not working at night (probably after next week) it should be easier. I have been trying to work as many hours as possible this week and next week doesn't look promising either BUT after that things should get better.

This week has been good food wise. I am doing Wendie again and the scale is moving down, so that's a positive. I made it to the gym yesterday and that felt good. I am hoping DH will show me some weight exercises b/c I'd really like to build up my upper body strength. My legs are pretty strong thanks to the elliptical but my upper body needs some work. I am still trying to get in Pilates a couple times a week too.

The wedding is next weekend and I will not make my goal..this I am sure of, but I am not upset about this. I am still in fairly decent shape and my dress looks halfway decent on me. For whatever reason, my body is hanging on to weight right now (well the past month or so). I am thinking that after the wedding I am going to do core again for a week to shake things up. Wendie is working okay and I still eat mainly core foods, but like yesterday I had a bowl of cereal for a snack. But hey I got in some milk! I have still been getting in all my water and fruits and veggies, but I know Froot Loops wasn't the best choice.

We leave on Thursday for the wedding so I will try to post Wednesday night (don't worry, I will post again before Wednesday!) and that will be it for me until we get back. I know my sister is excited and I can't wait to dance the night away again. I can't wait to dance with DS. We pretty much dance every day to the "Hot Dog Dance" (those that have toddlers who watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will know EXACTLY what I mean) but that's only a few minutes and he just loves it. So I can't wait to get him out on the dance floor with his momma! His daddy may not like to dance, but I will make my son a dancer! :)

Let's see...I had some other stuff to tell you all, but I can't remember now. OH! I get to go pick up my FREE pair of American Eagle jeans today. They had a contest going on and if you bought a pair during this contest that was your vote for their favorite jeans. Well, I bought the Hipster jeans and they won the contest! So now all I have to do is show my ticket that I "voted" for the Hipster's and I get a free pair. I will be getting that free pair in a smaller size. They may not fit now, but they will at some point and I am going to have them for that reason!

I'm out of here for today. Have a great OP Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend! Stay safe!!


MMalloy said...

FREE jeans, that is awesome...I am jealous!
Don't kid yourself, you are going to look WAY better then half way decent in your dress, in fact people are going to be mad becuase you are taking the spot light off the bride ;) I am sure your sister will look BEAUTIFUL too, you will shine together!!
Anyways, I hope things settle down at work for you soon. I miss seeing you around.

Kate from AZ said...

I hope you can post some pics from the wedding, I'm sure you will look great! I'm glad the scale is moving down for you too! :)

dizzydazey said...

I'm so uber excited about your free jeans!! Nothing makes me happier than a bargain - and that's the best bargain ever! :o)

I know you're going to look fabulous in your dress.

I hope you keep your sanity through all this crazy work crap, but come on, work before blogging? It's the first thing I do once I get to work! ;o)

Have a great day!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You have an awesome attitude! Keep it up!

Jynell said...

Hey- hope your week is going well & that nothing more than a bit of extra craziness is keeping you away!! I know mine's been pretty crazy with school starting up & all that... Anyway, come back to us soon!! :D