Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gym Bunny Barbie I am!

Whew! I just got done doing Pilates. Damn, that's hard! It's only 20 minutes but it's 20 minutes that make me sweat and breathe heavy! So I can mark that off of my list for the week. ;)

Today was a better day. I had my usual breakfast which set a good tone for the day. We ended up going out for dinner which wasn't planned. I was so tired and had just spent over an hour straightening up my kitchen and sweeping. DH came home and asked what was for dinner. I forgot to lay out the fish we were going to have so I told him I didn't know and I really didn't want to cook, so he suggested the "burger place". It's called Woodfire Grill and it's awesome. I had half a cheeseburger and some mushrooms. Okay, I wasn't THAT good...the mushrooms were fried. But I got in all my veggies for the day and decided I could use some of my 15 alloted flex points for the week.

So let's review my goals:

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points. This should be fairly easy since all of our meals are planned and I don't have anything coming up this weekend. My points are estimates but I think I used 5 10 left for the week.
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day--5 today...unless I can count the mushrooms?? Can I?? Oh well....
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--On my way to getting 160
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates. 1 cardio session last night (and my glutes are sore today!) and I did pilates tonight. Only 2 more cardio sessions to go for the week. I will take DS and go to the gym tomorrow. I plan to do Pilates on Friday and then another cardio session on Saturday. If I follow that, I will get in 5 days of activity this week. YAY!

I am getting SOOOOO BORED with breakfast. Maybe that's why I had Froot Loops yesterday. I almost grabbed that again b/c I am just so sick of oatmeal and cream of wheat. I need to get some turkey bacon, maybe Friday when I hit the store. I can then have a BLT for all of 2 points and that would be yummy AND filling. My lunch options need to be better too. I had soup today, but then I checked the sodium content and it was high to say the least. Lean Cuisine's are high too and kinda crappy for how many points they are. I go in spurts on those so when the ones I have are gone, I am not buying anymore for a while. Tomorrow I am going to get Subway after we hit the gym b/c I don't think it's safe for me to be rummaging through trying to find something. Who knows what I might eat. I almost had Froot Loops for a snack today. I need to get rid of that, but it's for DS and he likes it...just takes him forever to eat it all b/c he's only 3!

Morning weigh in was 167.1 :( Here's how today shaped up food wise:
B--oatmeal (3), banana (1)--4
L--Salad (1), sammich (2), soup (4)--7
S--strawberry shortcake--2
D--Woodfire Grill--half a cheeseburger (4), Fried mushrooms (10)--14
Adding on 4 more points for good measure for a total of 32 out of 25 alloted.

Pilates session earns 2 APs that I used so 30 out of 25. Not too bad. And I didn't have to cook or mess up my cleaned up kitchen. Always a bonus!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful comments. They mean so much to me and I really do take everything you all say to heart. I love reading all of your comments and they really do make me feel good.

As of right now--right this very moment--I am going to go to my Monday night meeting and weigh there. Like I said, that's what I feel RIGHT NOW. That is subject to change between now and then. And I am a woman...I can change my mind. :)

Let me tell you all what my DH did for me last night. I got a manicure last Thursday for my sister's shower. Well now the polish is chipping off. If I take it off, for whatever reason, the nail polish remover breaks out the tips of my fingers and they get dry and crusty (sorry, but that's the best way to describe it) and then it hurts for me to work. So last night, I asked DH to take off my nail polish and HE DID!!! Now, is that love or what?? He only did one hand b/c he can't stand the smell of the remover so he promised to do the other hand tonight. He's such a sweetie. Been with the man 11 and a half can't believe that even when I type it out! Sometimes he irritates the hell out of me, but I do love him. :)

Well, I am out of here. STILL not getting to bed early. I am going to have to fix this and SOON! :) Have a great night and a wonderful OP Thursday!


AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

Gotta love the husband...the stuff they do for us, NO one else would do! LOL...It will be interesting to see how your new WI plan works!
You're still doing so great :)

Melanie said...

What a sweetie!! Way to go for hitting your goals yesterday! I am so proud of you!

MMalloy said...

IMO you did great today. You are really kicking ars with these workouts and that is AWESOME! Between the pilates and cleaning you deserved to go out, good for you!
I am so with you on needing to shake things up. I have had yogurt and fiber one almost daily for 3 months...I still love it though. I usually try to have a serving of fruit with it as well and that changes from week to week. I like the idea of BLTs for 2 points...mmm...
You are going to rock your goals today, I know it. Keep it up!

Colette said...

What kind of turkey bacon do you buy and how many points is it? Do they make turkey sausage and if sho is it good if you have tried it? I have been reading where lots of people eat the turkey bacon and I have been wanting to try it just unsure what kind to get!

Colette said...

Thanks...I sure have missed bacon. I will look for it tonight at Wally

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I think even fried vegetables are still vegetables... but of course, that's me, and I can always rationalize anything! Sounds like you're doing great. Keep it up!

Courtney said...

I have a couple of breakfasts that I rotate and have grown to love: I make either a quick polenta with cornmeal and water or I use instant grits and mix it with ICBINB fat free, salt, and pepper. I then fry an egg in Pam and put it on top. It's so yummy for about 4 points. OR, I make instant oatmeal in the microwave (I follow the directions on the back and I make it with milk) Then, I mix in mixed berries (tons of them!) and a packet of Splenda. This lasts me forever in the mornings and I actually look forward to eating breakfast! I hope this helps!

Courtney (formeforlife)