Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Food coma

Yep, that's what I am in right now...a food coma. I have been a bottomless pit today! BUT...there is a bright side...I stayed in my points and I got all my fruits and veggies in. YAY!

Why are some days so much harder than others? Today was a struggle not to eat my arm off! Other days, it's a piece of cake. UGH.

Let's talk about the scales, shall we? I was talking to my BFF today (superjayman) and we were talking about weighing in at the meetings versus at home, morning versus evening, etc... SO, I think this is what I have decided. I know, I know, here I go again changing things up on you guys. I now attend the Monday night meeting where I WI at. There is a Wednesday morning meeting at the same location, but the leader is old and no fun. I THINK I am going to start going to the Monday night meetings (but NOT weighing in) and then go to the Wednesday morning meeting to weigh. Why? Here's why. My scale is a good 2# lower than the scale at WW. So add those 2# to the usual fluctuations of the day from my morning weigh in to my weight the moment I walk out the door (it's only a 5 minute drive to the meeting) so there's another 2# added on. It's frustrating!!! This is why I quit last time b/c I can't seem to lose when I weigh at night. I know it's a dumb excuse, but damn....up one week, down another, up, down--it's NOT fun. And then when I am up I get this attitude "well, f* it, I can count points and be on program and gain, if I'm going to gain I might as well eat some good food" and I head to the local ice cream shop or closest fast food restaurant. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still up in the air about it, but dang. Oh and there is one advantage to being lifetime...I don't have to weigh but once a month. :)

Let's review this week's goals and see where I stand today...even after the stuff fest I got into this afternoon.

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points. This should be fairly easy since all of our meals are planned and I don't have anything coming up this weekend. ZERO Flex Points used today. GO ME
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day--I got in 9 today!!
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--Got in 144 and quit counting.
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates. Went to the gym tonight and did 25 minutes on the elliptical in Glutes mode. OH MY!! It wasn't too hard, but I loved the way it worked my butt! I also did 15 minutes on the bike as kind of a warm up. So 40 minutes total for 3 Activity Points.

Here's my menu from today:

B--Froot Loops (3)
L--Lean Cuisine Panini (7), green beans (0), turkey pastrimi sammich (2)--9
S--can of pineapple (4), 100 cal bag of popcorn (2)--6
D--WW style Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches (5), "Fried" Zucchini (2)--7

25 points used/alloted
3 APs unused--even though I could eat them now, I am not going to.

I think my first mistake today was having froot loops for breakfast. They are for DS, but they sounded so good to me this morning. Doesn't a bowl of childish cereal ever sound good to anyone else!?!? I didn't have my usual oatmeal and fruit and I think that kinda set the tone for the day. It's like if the FIRST thing I put in my mouth in the morning is any kind of sugar, the day goes to pot. And I think I waited too long to eat lunch. I was STARVED by the time I ate so mistake #2.

Tomorrow someone is coming to look at my freezer--it's not freezing the way it should and it's only a year old--so I am tied to the house. I am going to do Pilates and get this place straightened up. Then maybe after dinner, DS and I can go for a walk..well he will ride his bike. It's been so hot here lately we haven't gotten out after dinner to "play". I think that's all from me tonight. Is that enough?? ;) Talk to ya'll tomorrow and have a GREAT OP Wednesday!


Colette said...

I like how you think things through...you are veryt smart with that meeting vs WI! I would have never thought of that!!

Yeah I have thought about changing my WI to Sundays since the damn scale says I ALWAYS weigh 2 pounds less the DAY BEFORE!!!!LOL

MtngirlinCali said...

I was a night weigh-in person, too, back in the day..... I'd stop all liquids and food starting at 1:00pm, and I'd desperately try to make it to my 7:00pm meeting. I'd also pee right beforehand, like what was left would actually help! Heck, I would even wear bras with no underwire and thongs to reduce the extra baggage when I absolutely needed to see a loss-- it was pretty scary. :) Anyway, I don't suggest any of the above, but I definitely think the evening weigh-ins are tougher to deal with. You'll probably be 2 lbs heavier than your mornings just because of what you ate during the day. It's bizarre. (I don't even step on the scale at night now-- it's far too scary)

WeightBGone said...

If weighing in on Wednesday mornings will give you the incentive to stay OP then you should do just that. I attend WW's in the mornings because it works better for me.

There is nothing wrong with adjusting your schedule what you feel most comfortable at. Hope you have a great week. :)

MMalloy said...

Great idea, if they will let you WI in the morning and attend the meeting in the afternoon that is perfect. I can't stand the scale in the evenings so I would be doing the same thing.
I agree with you on eating sugar first thing in the morning, it definetly sets the day off wrong, but sometimes you just need it!
I am going to mimic your goals for the week and see if I can't get things back on track. I am having a realy difficult time deciding if I should do Wendie or just try to use stick with the normal program. The APs are throwing me off becuase with Wendie you don't use them.

Melanie said...

I do my WI's on Tuesday nights. During the school year I can't get to any of the morning ones because I'm selfish about my Saturday mornings...those are meant for sleeping in! So it is Tuesdays for me...even this summer I stuck with my evening one. But it is tougher...On my scale at home I have seen the 180's....but not at WW I'm still seeing those 190's (192). Talk about frustrating!!! The other thing keeping me on Tuesday night is I really like the leader.

I think you are smart to think things through like you are. You can always try it for a week or two and change it if you don't like it.

Swizzlepop said...

I totally agree with a morning WI, just read my experiment posts and my post about yesterday's WI and how I didn't drink anything until WI for fear of extra poundage.
I say do what works for you and what will give you a boost because that is really all that matters since you are the one who needs to be happy right?

As for the Fruit Loops. Can I just tell you that I am a HUGE kid ceral junkie. I don't buy them now because the husband doesn't like them, but when I was still living at home all my mom would buy was kid cereal regardless of our ages because we all love it. She still does sometimes and if I am there and want a bad snack I know that I can go and find a box of Coco Puffs or something and just eat a cup "raw" (w/o milk).
I've heard that the first thing that you eat in the mornign does affect the rest of your day; ie: sugar makes you crave sweets throughout the day, salty makes you crave salty and greasy etc. which is apparently why they tell you to have a combo of carbs and protein and fruit. Hope today is better for you!

Courtney said...

I have discovered that my morning meal is CRUCIAL! If I have something super healthy and full of fiber and protein and carbs and fruit, I'm set until usually lunch. It's SO GOOD that you are thinking about these things....that's how we figure it all out, right? It's good to be back...glad you're doing well...sounds like you have a great plan for the week!
Courtney (Formeforlife)

lauren said...

Hi! I am a friend of Suzanne's and saw your comment on her blog. I clicked on the link thinking it was our other friend Amanda and got interested in your blog! I gained about 25 pounds in college and did weight watchers to take it off. It worked wonderfully for me! I enjoyed it too, because it was kinda like a game. I have kept it off ever since, (going on about 7 years now, besides being pregnant) without even thinking about a diet. Best of luck to you! One tip in keeping the weight off and not feeling like a dieter, if you're interested, is to not buy anything bad for you at the grocery store, buy lots of healthy foods, and eat in as much as you can. If you make the choice just that one time a week to buy healthy foods, you don't have to make choices throughout the day every day to not eat anything unhealthy. I haven't had to diet one bit by following that rule. Every once in a while, splurge, too! I have a piece of frozen dark chocolate almost every night. I have actually lost my sweet tooth, and that's about all I want! Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!