Friday, June 8, 2007

I think my scale is broke

It shows that I weigh exactly the same as I did last week!!!! That can NOT be true!!! My rings are a heck of a lot looser today than they were at this time last week. Yesterday, I put on a pair of jeans that I wore WAY before I got pregnant (Aeropstale size 9/10) and I got them up, buttoned, and zipped. Now, I wouldn’t wear them out in public b/c they were a little tight, but I could still breathe. So I am shrinking somewhere, but the scale doesn’t show it. Grrr….
Could it be b/c I went to the gym last night? I went and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I also got in 170 ounces of water yesterday. But again, my rings are loose. I don’t understand! I know what needs to be done. I’ve been contemplating it for a while and now I’ve made a decision….

I’m going back on the Winning points plan. The WW range plan. My range is 20-25 points per day. Anything more than that I have to earn them. Maybe this will push me to go to the gym more. I signed up for a month. The problem with the flex points for me is that I have them all gone (and sometimes more) before the weekend is over (sometimes gone by Sunday morning) and that doesn’t help ME. That hurts more than anything. So maybe with not having the extra 35 points, I will be fine and make better choices over the weekend. I want to lose 12 more pounds by my sister’s wedding which is September 8th. That is 4 pounds a month, which is totally attainable. I would LOVE to lose 15, but I know 12 is more attainable for me. If I don’t reach that goal, oh well, my sister will still get married and maybe I will be down another 10#. But I will be down regardless.

I’m off to get some breakfast and plan my day. A picnic at the zoo with my son and out to dinner tonight with the family…gotta make a list to stop at the store and get some food for our picnic. GOOD on program food! My mom is coming tonight to visit for the weekend so I am excited about that. Have a great day!!

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