Sunday, June 3, 2007

Good vs. Evil

Today, good won. The last 2 days, evil has won. It’s been a bad eating weekend. Thanfully, I re-gained control today, thus the whole weekend wasn’t horrible (but the day is still young).

It started off on Friday. Onion Rings. I wanted onion rings. So I got them. The toddler and I had Culver’s for lunch and I got a snack pack with onion rings and a cheeseburger. Then came home and made chocolate chip cookies, so I had dough and about 2 cooked cookies. I thought I would re-gain myself Friday night as we had plans to go to Ruby Tuesday’s. Instead we ended up at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. I did fine there…had Chilean Sea Bass and a lettuce wedge. Then we split au gratin potatoes with the toddler. I would have done better at Ruby Tuesday’s b/c all I would have had there is the salad bar, but hey we NEVER get to go to Sullivan’s.

Then Saturday came. My son woke up way earlier than I thought he would, thus not allowing me to exercise. No biggie, I thought. I made lunch for us later on and made him Ramen noodles. I couldn’t stay out of them! So there went a few points. I did great for dinner–made Roni’s Thyme marinated pork kabobs and they were awesome. Then, I had a severe craving for chocolate and ice cream. We went to DQ and I got a brownie batter blizzard. It was a small and sooo worth it. But yet again, evil won.

So today I tally up my points for the last 2 days and BOOM–20 points in the hole for the week. OUCH!!! So, I vowed today would be on target. I had to go to the store and take the toddler with me as the hubby was playing golf. We went out for lunch at Wendy’s. I fought with myself the whole way there–cheeseburger or chicken nuggets? Grilled chicken? Chili and a baked potatoe? Fries or no fries?? So, when I got there I ordered chili and a baked potato. It wasn’t what I really wanted, but I got it anyway. Then throughout my whole meal I kept thinking I would go back up there and order some chicken nuggets (not for me, for my son (wink, wink)). I didn’t. I ate my meal and was satisfied. Then we had to hit the store. The whole time I wanted chocolate. Candy bars, cookies, donuts–anything CHOCOLATE!!! I will be sooo glad when these PMS symptoms are GONE!!! So now I am having a WW chocolate chip muffin for 3 points. I warmed it up in the microwave and it’s sooo good. YUM!!

I have dinner all planned out, now if only I can not snack while I make it. I am going to go for a walk tonight, provided it’s not raining. And I am going to be 100% super on program this week. You heard it here first. Now hold me to it!

Oh and the hubby asked me last night if I would fess up to my blizzard, so I had to. I planned to anyway, but he didn’t think I would. I still feel like a bottomless pit. I had that muffin and now pineapple is calling my name. Urgh….I hate the not-satisfied-I could eat everything in site feeling.

Calgon take me away…..

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Anna said...

i found that the best way not to snack while cooking is to chew gum HTH :)