Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well the scale moved

Down .7


That's it. It is a loss and believe me I am thrilled that the scale is still here with me and did not take a flying leap out the 2nd story window. BUT, this concretes in my mind my decision to switch to core for the week. I am excited about it and being able to eat fruits and they don't "cost" me anything. My lowest was over a month ago at 163.5. I am determined to get over this hump.

One bright side...since I have started back on WW on March 19, I have only had 2 gains. That's HUGE for me. When I was going to meetings, I couldn't go 3 weeks straight with a loss or even a maintain. So I am happy with that.

Someone left a comment (not sure who, I forgot) asking me about core. I have done it before and had great success with it so I am hoping it helps this time too. :)

I have a secret! I have a secret!! Shhh... don't tell anyone who may know me IRL...I took my last birth control pill last night. I'm so excited. This also means TOM is set to start this coming weekend so I have to see how I do this month. I am going to allow my body this month to get cleaned out of hormones or whatever and I have to wait until I see my ENT on July 16th b/c he may want to put a tube in my ear and I need it but if I am pregnant, I can't have general anesthetic. I could probably have it done some other way other than with general anesthetic, but I've done that before and it's not pleasant!!! Anyway, come August we will start trying for our 2nd child. One funny thing? Dh doesn't know. He doesn't want to know. He wants to be totally surprised. I think it's funny and great of him. He's such a great daddy and I can't wait to give him another child. I also plan to keep blogging through my pregnancy so maybe I won't gain a ton of weight and you all can keep me accountable!!

Okay, enough about that. I am off to have breakfast--cream of wheat and a banana. I'm so excited about doing core. I hope to stay really strict and not allow myself to get too hungry. Wish me luck!!


MMalloy said...

Congrats on the loss, that is so awesome!! You will do great on Core, I can't wait to see your numbers!!
Ahhhh!!!!! I am so excited for you, how cool is that and I think it would be great for you to share your journey on here! I love babies, I wish my sister would have another so I could spoil even more!!!!!!! Yay, I can't wait to hear the news!

Formeforlife said...

I LOVE YOUR SECRET! Hubby and I decided to start trying again too. My baby is 8 mo. old and being 32 and wanting the option of having more kids without going into the "at rist" category, I figured what the took us 10 months to get pregnant the first time, so we'll see what happens! I plan on continuing to blog as well. I was overweight when I got pregnant the first time and I was DYING to find someone who had the same issues I was having...I figure I might as well make that an option for people. I think sticking to Core foods is a great plan for pregnancy anyway! You're on your way!

I guarantee you'll lost a lot this week while on Core. Just remember to think about when you are full. That's been my biggest obstacle but something I'm still working at even though I consider myself Flex. When I'm not hungry though, I don't eat all my points!

Congrats on your loss. Even if it's small, it's something!

dizzydazey said...

Okay, YAY! on the loss! I'm so proud of you!!

But Hoo-Hoo! *claps hands excitedly* about your secret! I'm so EXCITED for you!! Yay! And it's precious that your husband wants to be surprised! Absolutely precious!

Good Luck and Have Fun!! ;o)

oh! and Good Luck on your first day back on Core. It might be kinda rough the first few, but it gets a lot easier!!

Journeys said...

Hey hey! I just added you to my blogroll...I'm finding weightwatchen pals one at a time! Glad we could all (try) and come together :)

WeightBGone said...

Great job on the weight loss!!! Good luck on core let me know how it goes. I am on flex but have considered trying core. Congrats on the decision to add to the family thats very exciting news. I hope your day is wonderful!

Swizzlepop said...

Don't you just love when you can share a secret but no one IRL knows? Good luck!
Congrats on the loss! Can't wait to see your Core results. I've heard great things and I have seen how it is working on The Husband, but I hate being restricted to only certain foods. Maybe one day I'll get brave...

Melanie said...

Awesome job on the loss. I've been thinking about trying core. So I'll be keeping my eye on your blog to see how it goes. And the other news..>YEAH!!!! that is so awesome. We are getting ready to "talk" about having our first...but I have to get hired back to my school district (got laid off). happy for you!!!!

Jodi said...

GL with core and trying for your second next month! It's so cute he wants to stay in the dark about it, how fun *8)

Miss July...not...yet said...

That is just great! The loss, the switch to core and your secret! I have to admit I am a little jealous. We are done having kids so no more of that for me, but I guess I can live vicariously (sp?) thru you!
GL and keep us posted!!!!