Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday's menu

I talked to the doctor herself last night (LOVE that!) and all my lab work was normal, so maybe
this month was just a fluke. We’ll see how next month goes.

Here’s my menu from yesterday. One question for you all–how do you count salads as veggie servings? I had 2 huge plates of salad–all with 0 point veggies on it and piled high. I counted it as 3 servings, but should it have been more? Less??

Daily Point Range 20-25

Cream of wheat made with milk--4

Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar--6

Starbuck’s Grande LIGHT Orange Crème Frappucino--2

Pork Chop 7

Lipton Whole Grain Noodle side--4

Green Beans--0


Workout GOAL: 3 workouts X X

Water—160 ounces
Fruits and veggies 4(probably more w/ all the salad I ate)
Milk 1

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