Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 2 on Core...


Yesterday went great, again. I took DS to the movies. We did not take popcorn nor did we get it there. We had just eaten breakfast so I took some water and chewed gum. DS had animal crackers and some juice, so we did really good. I am learning something though. I pretty much have to take a banana with me when I leave the house. I love bananas and they are the perfect fruit, IMO. They are so easy to eat on the go. We got out of the movies then I had to make a return to Victoria's Secret, then off to the store. After we left VS, I was hungry. So I ate my banana on the way to the store b/c I knew I couldn't go in there hungry. That's what I am learning. I can't let myself get too hungry or then I will eat anything in sight.

I made it to the gym last night too. It was late again, but I made it. DS and I are headed there again later this morning. We were going to go swimming, but it's raining here again. Everytime I make plans for us for the pool or the zoo, it rains! ARGH!!! But staying home would be nice house needs some attention!!!

Here is how yesterday went. I forgot, I did have one slip up...I ate 2 of DS graham crackers. But they were 13 of them for 3 I figured it out to be less than half a point for 2 of them, so not too bad. I earned APs last night, so that's not an issue.

B--Cream of wheat made with milk and a banana
L--leftover burrito bowls
D--Roni's turkey meatloaf (DS LOVED this, BTW), mashed potatoes, green beans, zucchini, and yellow squash
S--Watermelon (when I got home from the gym I was had been 3+ hours since dinner)

140 ounces of water, 6 Fruits and Veggies, and 1 milk. Still not very good on the milk. If we are home today, I will make a smoothie this afternoon for a snack. And 33 minutes on the elliptical last night.

If we do get to the pool, I am taking a salad for lunch with a bunch of fruit I cut up last night--strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple. I also have zucchini to add to my salad--YUM! As long as I plan, this core thing works pretty good!!! :)

Have a great day and a great weekend everyone!


dizzydazey said...

*claps hands happily* Yay!

You're doing so well! And you're so smart to carry a banana with you so you'll have a quick Core snack.

Planning is the key!!

Oh - and this time it'll be ME thinking of YOU as I eat Mexican food on a Friday. Not to rub it in or anything. (seriously)

Happy Weekend!!

Swizzlepop said...

That is great, you're goid so well! COre is really working for you. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did great! Have a fab weekend!

Candace said...

Hi, Can you post the Turkey meatloaf. My kids won't eat anything lately and something like this might just work for a while.

Candace said...

Hey - wanted to let you know that I've added your blog as a link on mine at Let me know if you'd rather I remove it.
Cheers, Candace

MtngirlinCali said...

You are my core guinea pig!!! Keep up the good work-- you may motivate me to switch. (Heck, I may be forced to, but it's nice to see that you've done so willingly) What happens with activity points and core? Do you earn more "carbs," or do you just get to eat more core food?

Anyway, just thought I'd pick your brain. Nice to see you thriving on core....I'll be watching. :)