Friday, June 15, 2007

WI day and measurements

I stayed the same.


That’s 3 flippin weeks in a row I have seen 165.6!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond ticked off, you would not believe. Almost to the point of tears at 7:00 in the freaking morning. I am so ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this what they call a plateau??? I have never had one last this long when I was actually trying to lose weight…when I was actually counting points.

What am I doing wrong? I’m eating vegetables (usually around 6 a day). I’m drinking a ton of water…at least 128 ounces a day sometimes more (yesterday I had 185 ounces). I’m exercising. I got in 3 days this week. WTF?!?!?!?

If this is what exercising is going to do to me, then I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you know what? Last weekend–when it’s the hardest to stay OP…I counted points, every thing, and still no loss. I changed back to Winning Points to see if that would help. NADA. This is not what I needed right now. We are leaving today to go visit the family for the weekend and there will be TONS of food around to tempt me and I was hoping to see a nice loss so I wouldn’t be tempted. Now, I feel like saying well it doesn’t matter if I do the right things or not, I won’t see a loss. I am beyond upset at this point.

I even got up this morning and took my measurements thinking that would boost me up. But when I seen the scale stayed the same, it didn’t even matter. But I will give you the goods anyway.

Since January, I have lost 2.75 inches from my waist; 1.5 inches from my bust; 1.75 from my butt/thighs; 1 inch from my upper thighs; .75 of an inch from my left upper arm; and a quarter of an inch from my right upper arm. So that’s 8 inches overall. Not too bad, but I’m too mad at the scale to care.

Funny how that stupid dumb metal box can set the tone for me. I am just soooo disgusted right now that I am doing all the right things and it doesn’t even seem to matter.

I am off to take a walk to get in my 30 minutes of activity for the day. Don’t know why…it doesn’t seem to be helping anything. UGH!!!

Sorry to sound like such a downer, but I am thoroughly upset right now. Have a great weekend! I won’t be back online until Wednesday after we leave today.

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