Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A vicious, never ending cycle…

This weight loss cycle that is… (this is going to be long, so please bear with me).

We were visiting family for the weekend. You all know I did not have a loss on Friday, which put me in a horrible mood Friday morning. I talked to my BFF (superjayman) and told her of the challenges I was facing this weekend and how I needed to see a loss to be able to overcome those challenges, but I didn’t. She gave me the idea to take a salad and make my grilled veggies on Saturday at DH mom’s house. So I did that. And EVERYONE LOVED my grilled veggies. I used Olive Oil Pam some garlic and onion powder and viola….yummy veggies everyone loved. But here’s where the vicious cycle starts. If I say I can’t eat that (for example the pasta salad and the pork BBQ that is MILs specialty) b/c it has too much sugar or it’s too many points, then I get the “Can you eat this?” question on everything else! I have learned that pasta salad is my weakness. I love it. MIL has no clue when it comes to low fat anything. She’s from the age of old where she doesn’t measure anything or believe in low fat anything. So of course this pasta salad is awesome and I can’t stay out of it. URGH!!!

So I’ll fast forward to dinner at my mom’s house Sunday night. BBQ pork chops, green beans, corn on the cob, California blend, PASTA SALAD, baked potatoes (where the only topping was cheez whiz), my grilled veggies again (which were loved AGAIN!) homemade ice cream and strawberry cake. There were tons of vegetables (thank god), but pasta salad too. If I would have said, oh I can’t eat that, then the next question would be “What can you eat on your diet?” ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blogged about this before and how much I HATE that question. But when it comes to visiting family, it’s a never ending cycle. No one believes in low fat anything or fat free or whole wheat or splenda. And believe me, my mom and my MIL could stand to lose a few pounds (they have actually said this to me, so don’t flame me there). DH dad was in the hospital while we were there (he’s still there) and it’s b/c he’s got really bad knees b/c he weighs so much. One look at him and it MAKES me want to be healthier. MIL believes that if she buys him sugar free anything he will lose weight. DH and I have tried to tell them our ’secrets’ but to no avail, so we give up. I love my family dearly (both sides!) but am soooooooooo glad we don’t live by them or else I would NEVER lose any weight.

There is one bright side to this. At MILs house on Saturday, I only ate one serving the BBQ pork that is her specialty. I love that stuff, but tried my hardest to control myself there b/c I know her sauce is loaded with brown sugar. I did stay pretty active while we were gone. DH and I did a 5K on Saturday with a friend of mine. I walked Friday morning before we left. And, we went swimming on Saturday and Sunday for at least an hour each time. I had a toddler attached to me on Saturday so surely that burned some extra calories in the pool. I didn’t do great yesterday either, but I am home now and back on track. Today will be a good day. I don’t have to work (YIPPEE!!!!!) and the toddler and I are going to the store to stock this place up with healthy foods again.

It’s so good to be home! I missed all my blog reading Need to catch up while DS takes his nap this afternoon. I’ll be back later!

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