Thursday, June 7, 2007

Successful Trader Joe’s Shopping trip

I went to TJs yesterday and got some good items. I FINALLY found the bean dip Roni always talks about. I can’t wait to try it!! And they have this wonderful balsamic vinegar dressing that is fat free and does NOT have high fructose corn syrup in it. YAY!! I did not however find the Chile Lime Chicken Burgers that I soooo wanted to get. They were stocking the frozen items and they weren’t in the freezer in the back (we asked) and they were still stocking but we didn’t have time to wait around for them to finish. I have to go into work next Wednesday and TJs is right down the street so I will check again then.

We had a great wonderful lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Gosh I love that place! Their salad bar is the best I have ever been to and I love it!

I made lettuce wraps for dinner last night. They were okay, but very salty. I even used low sodium soy sauce. So not sure I will make them again.

Here is my menu from yesterday. I went over my points on the almonds I bought at TJs, but at least it was almonds and not junk!

Daily Point Target--22

Cream of wheat made with milk--

Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar--6

Can of pineapple in it’s own juice (split w/ 3 kids and a dog)--3

Lettuce Wraps--3

TJs meringue cookies--3



Day 6 in Week - Weekly Points Remaining: 0
Workout GOAL: 3 workouts XX

Water—138 ounces
Fruits and veggies 5+
Milk 1

Oh! One other thing…. When I went to the gym the other night, I needed some work out capris (I don’t like to work out in shorts) so I pulled some out from my closet to see if they fit. I bought them several years ago but have hardly ever wore them. They are Gap, size MEDIUM!!! I have them on again today b/c I plan to go today and see if my son will go to their childcare. I was so excited to put them on and they fit!!! WOO HOO!! :) Have a great OP day!

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